Digging up Stonehenge

stone.jpgAfter nearly four decades of uninterrupted peace, the ground beneath the inner circle of the blue stones at Stone henge is being dug up. Stone Henge as most of us know is that mystical feature on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England comprising of circles of stones set upright in the earth for a purpose lost in the ages.

The aim of this excavation led by two of the UK’s leading Stonehenge experts – Professor Tim Darvill, of the University of Bournemouth, and Professor Geoff Wainwright, of the Society of Antiquaries is twofold.

First they want to establish a precise dating of the period of the double blue inner stone circle, the first to be placed at stone henge. Secondly they hope to prove that this area was visited by people all over England and the rest of the world to benefit from its healing energy. This theory has recently found some scientific proof as most of the burial mounds around this area are of people maimed or hurt in some way. Meaning it could have been that the Stone Henge was a healing place, for those who had suffered in life.

Obviously a place with such mystical presence and energies has gathered around itself many many myths ranging from the most common druidism’s place of worship and sacrifice to Arthurian legend and even extra terrestrial origins.

One of these legends also predicts a disturbance at Stone Henge every 5000 years leading to a major catastrophe. I cannot help but feel a slight tinge of a shiver as i read the report on this excavation, for in my opinion some things are better left alone and without explanation.


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  3. I agree – the wonder of stonehenge is its mystery – its unknowness – total unknowness. In a world where we presume to know so much – we need a stonehenge to keep us humble.

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