To My Sweet Valentine


Very soon the streets of my city will be lined with red.

No no i speak not of blood people, they shall be lined with glass windows full of red hearts and chocolates and roses &  god knows what else to celebrate that holiday of eternal love. The great and mushy Feb 14th, Valentines day.

Bah!! if we were to believe “Hallmark” anyone who sends valentines on this momentous occasion is to achieve everlasting love, happiness and the fringe physical benefits which abound. What a load of rubbish, almost as rubbish as that tale of St Valentine and his letter to the jailers daughter signed in the end with “Your Valentine”

The real valentines day was a festival of fertility devoted to the Roman God “Lupercus” in whose honor young womens names were placed in a bowl on Feb 15th and the men of Rome (without looking) drew their bed warmers for the entire year. Shocked? Mortified? that the festival of luuurve and red roses and sweet nothings actually represents an orgy of carnal lust?

Well thats what you get for believing in love. Now go out there and buy a bloody heart cause yours only pumps blood once a year on Feb 14th.. go on!

The only way we can make love if there is such a thing everlasting is to take away all this commercialism from it my friends. Tell your loved one how you feel every chance you get, whats the point of waiting for Feb 14th?

Down with V day i say!

  1. I dont have to say anything except to agree with you in totality. I also believe that we dont need just one day in the whole year to express our love for someone. Valentines day, fathers day, mothers day make me a feel a bit strange as to why we only dedicate just one day to someone whom we will never stop loving for our whole life. A very nice and thought provoking blog.

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