Geert Wilder speaks on “Fitna” his movie.

Now that youtube has been unbanned, although the reason for it has been removed, which was Mr Geert Wilders video against Islam called “Fitna”. We here in Pakistan can get a look at what this idiot is preaching.

I do not call him an idiot because he is voicing his opinion or engaging in his right of Free speech. However to call the faith of 1.5 Billion people of this world retarded and to claim that Muslims are just about killing everyone else is idiotic and ignorant at least, fascist and racist at worst. How is this different from fanatic Mullahs pooh poohed by all of us for giving death fatwas against leaders of the western world?

He also claims that it is time that the western world show Muslims how intolerant they are instead of all this political correctness and tolerance. Ah so this is how he wants to solve problems in his country and around the world. Makes perfect sense, just not to me.

The whole argument he makes is established on the fact that the influx of Muslims in Europe is leading to crimes, joblessness and everything bad. For instance if your cat dies it is because a mullah looked at it funny and so on, pretty logical way of thought. Just one question Mr Wilder? did no crime or joblessness or problem exist in the Netherlands before you allowed Muslims in? What was Netherlands before you people opened immigration, Shangri La?

The world is worried about finding OBL, well this is the western version of it. Wonder which part of the “Axis Of Evil” he fits into.

This to me exhibits exactly who should not be elected into government or in power anywhere in this world, we already have enough hate. We do not need people pouring petrol on the fires already threatening to consume us all.
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  1. “However to call the faith of 1.5 Billion people of this world retarded” makes him an idiot? Any adult who still talks to an unproven imaginary friend is retarded. Christianity/Islam it’s just a delusion and an idiocy. He’s right. He might be a bigot but sometimes even bigots tell the truth. Europe would be better off if along with Muslims being prevented from entering we prevented Christians, jews and anyone else stupid enough to believe in this “God” nonsense. Deport a few of our own religious morons as well. Better still, lets welcome them, but insist that we educate their children in Science and rational thought (ie close down the religious schools that breed hate and intolerance – especially the Catholic pedophile cult) and cure the mental disorder for the next generation.

  2. If he says that ALL Muslims are terrorists and want to kill, then that is certainly wrong. You can’t lump everyone into one group. There are many fine Muslims trying to live their lives, raise their families, like the rest of us (Christians, Jews, et al).

  3. Wilder is beyond disturbing. Like you, I am tired of living in a world fueled by anger, intolerance, & fear – a volatile combination.

  4. How come it’s a democracy when they malign our faith and our holy book whenever they like, and yet no one speaks of the Holocaust that way. They can do whatever they like in their OWN country but to come out and misrepresent something thats close to so many people will have far reaching consequences.

  5. People that we should be most suspicious of are those that do not allow criticism of their beliefs. What is there to hide? Anna, if you are tired of living in a world of anger, intolerance, and fear you should be supporting exactly what Wilders is doing here. Are those here in Pakistan allowed to think critically? According to Islam and its koran, no. Shari’a? Let us stone our fellow man, let us treat women as 3rd rate citizens, unequal in law, property, witnessing, divorce, etc. Let us follow the words of the prophet, uswa hasana, the example of conduct, when he says, “I was commanded to fight against people until they testify that there is no God but allah and believe in me [that I am messenger]” Let us pray al-fatiha and imply the wrath of God on the Jews and the path led astray of the Christians. Most importantly, let us prove our religion is peace by rioting, killing, and boycotting when SOMEONE SAYS something. The proof is in the pudding. Islam is reinventing itself in its own image. The hadith are being more understood and accessible. The islamic prophets words, deeds, conquests, and are all held up to the light and, when shown in the light they wither away, as people see how dark they are …

  6. He is not saying that the Muslims are to blame for everything, but with the increase of Muslim immigrants comes an increase of crimes never before seen in Europe, such as honor killings, act of violence that are condoned by the Hadith. He’s not blaming Muslims for problems but blaming the Dutch government for being too open allowing these immigrants to ride on the welfare system and self segregate, never truly assimilating into Dutch society. Islam is one of the few religions that has not gone through a reformation, it still remains the same text that it was in the Dark Ages. The teachings of that text do not not apply to modern/ western life in the twenty-first century. The Holy Book as it is now is fascist.

  7. @ Debbie he does hold all Muslims responsible for the atrocities committed by a few among us, hence my feeling of anger.

    @ Anna yes and you can see why the hate keeps spreading because people start believing politicians like Wilder and think that Islam is something which teaches all its followers to hack off heads or whatever

    @ Immune to Criticism If you read the articles on my blog you can see for yself how much people in Pakistan and Islam are allowed to critisize. The media here in Pakistan does more than its fair share of criticism. Yes it is muzzled sometimes, but not for long.
    I am a born Muslim, and have read the Quran several times, and nowhere in it is killing of anyone justified. If you are speaking of the hadith, then there are only two sources of verifiable hadiths “or saying of the prophet” and for my part i do not even believe those sources as they are the works of men. When you speak of people rioting, look at how many are their in number. Plus riots happen in other countries of the world as well, the worst riots to date were those of L.A. I am sorry but more than 90% of Muslims you meet are just as Debbie said, simple folk trying to lead as god a life with their families as their means will allow.

    @ Helene If an increase in Muslim immigrants make for an increase in crimes then the immigration laws should be tightened up. The problem here is that most countries like Netherlands have a dearth of local workforce to do menial jobs hence they let in people from all over. The point i am trying to make is, someone who is willing to work like a dog for not much money in a foreign country has to be from a cross section of society which did not make it in their own land. On the point of my holy book being fascist, i suggest you read a translation and decide for yourself.

  8. SO this is the Mr whose spells r cast for the past many days, and no to my amazement i was expecting such a thing with this man, and now all the Governements are silent, they have shut their bloody mouths up. Noone to be blamed, no one to be argued. ” They will be offended why do i bloody care its their problem” Okie so thats a nice remark. WE Muslims never offended any religion or any culture, just because we are aware of all the past religions that still exist on this planet through our Holy Book which we follow with pride and they call us retarded man this is like a LAME JOKE i feel as if a retard flown off from a Dutch Hospital has been placed to talk about Muslims and Islam.

  9. @ nikki
    “WE Muslims never offended any religion or any culture”..?
    Really? Not tolerating another man’s faith is not offensive? We keep building MOsks in europe, but how many churches are we allowed to build in, for instance, Saudi Arabia? How many christians are continuosly harrassed in the islamic world, except maybe in Jordan? And do you not think we europeans find the muslims that come and live in europe and publicly shout ‘whore, whore’ at our wives and girlfriends aloud tiny bit offensive? Why do they do that anyway? Because an uncovered girls is maybe offensive in THEIR culture. Don’t come over HERE and dispise the culture IN WHICH YOU CHOSE TO LIVE. CHOSE… FREE WILL! I travel a lot for my work, and never, never make fun of or try to change the local culture.

  10. We Muslims are not Terrorist idiot Wilder its you who are acting like a Extremist i am a Muslim and i am a Normal Human who want to live in Peace. The way you translated the Word Fitna just go and translate The Words of Allah you will come to know who is Terrorist or what ever you think ok now Wilder just go and behave yourself ok and just Dont Insult Muslims and ISLAM you are not going to get anything I Believe Wrath of Allah will Strike you. Just wait and watch what Allah will do.

    Let me translate a Word for you ok

    Allah Hu Akbar

    Allah Is Great

  11. I think we should all be careful to realise that this film is only one person’s thoughts, Geert Wilders !!!! I live in the Netherlands, I am a christian and I DO NOT find Islam offensive, However I find this film very offensive. Many of my friends are muslims and they are great people whose company and friendship I enjoy.

    The tragedy here is that some people might think that because a small section of the Dutch society elected Wilders into power that it will lead to the MIS-understanding that all Dutch support him. Which they do not. Neither do Dutch politicians who have time and time again spoken out again this idiocy of Wilders. Even the Queen has spoken out about efforts like this that create unstability in society.

    Please everyone realise that we Dutch do not support this ONE politicial (there are 149 others in the Dutch paliament).

    Wilders should be ashamed of himself – he embarrases his own country!

  12. Ahh……the “Religion of the Perpetually Offeneded” speaks again.

    Sorry but I’m disgusted by Islam. It has become a raging cancer on human civilization.

  13. @ Blafin thank you, it is very necessary for everyone to understand that not everyone in the Netherlands has a problem with Muslims. Obviously some people have their reservations against our religon, but that does not mean that everyone hates us.

    I think most of the issues being discussed here rise from the fact that so many of our immigrating brethren tend to lam bast the very countries and their populace who have opened their doors and hearts to them so they can lead better lives. I personally have born witness to Muslims in my college years in the U.S referring to their fellow students in derogatory terms. We all must understand that Christians and Jews and all other religons and their people are just as proud of their cultural heritage and religious beliefs as we are of ours. Moving into someone else’s backyard and then pooh poohing them is quite immature.

    Personally i think most immigrants from Muslims countries feel so guilty of leaving their homelands that they look to the local populace and sometimes their own families as outlets to vent this frustration. Basically they feel guilty and thus then lay the guilt trip on others…its a vicious circle. I think its absurd as a person moving should sort out their own head first before taking the culture leap, but then thats me.

  14. Idiots!! The problem is not Wilders, it is islam! If islam was a religion of peace, this movie would not pose a problem – plain and simple…

  15. Islam is the religion of peace! There is proof of this in front of your eyes every day! Just turn on the TV and watch the news. Because if Islam, MANY MANY people are now resting in peace!

  16. “The whole argument he makes is established on the fact that the influx of Muslims in Europe is leading to crimes”
    Muslims in Europe are more criminal than the rest of the population.
    According to a statistical survey perfomed by “Danish Statistics” the occurence of voilent crime such rabe, robbery, kidnapping etc., in Denmark, is 141 pct higher among non-western emmigrants. Most of these emmigrants are muslims.

  17. Perhaps the creation of this film says more about the insecurities underlying Mr Wilder and his Freedom Party and their own conception of their identity, both as Dutch people and as the post-Enlightened western europe ideal that they have believed for so long. He seems to have taken a great interest in specifically one issue, that of Muslim immigrants. Fact is, the EU is facing immigration from its ex-colonies and the developing world, national boarders are starting to blur, and in order to define yourself you must vehemently be against something you are not. Wilder just happened to pick a distincitive Other who are also in the process of trying to struggle through their own modern identity. And an Other who will bite back when provoked. All so he can be proved right?

  18. Islam is derived from the Arabic root “Salema”: peace, purity, submission and obedience. Emphasis being on PEACE. How can a religion which literally means peace be accused of anything but that. Wilder is afraid of Islam and understands how a powerful, potent force it is which propelled desert-dwellers to the shores of Europe and far east and put what we call humanity into hearts of me. Mr Wilder this land is not new to us. We brought light to its shores before but now we have come to illuminate it in its entirety. Mr Wilder throw what-ever you can at it for it has the capacity to take it. As for the Quran, well the challege still remains,”Let them then produce a recital like unto it”.

  19. @ faisalk, I do intend to read a copy of you holy book and many others. Personally I’m starting to find religion fascist. It’s like what the comedien Dov Davidof says, “why does God always have crazy shit to say?”
    As for the “poor” workers struggling on minimum wage, those aren’t non-western immigrants, those are our eastern European neighbors who can’t obtain asylum status and live off of the cozy welfare system. Or they are Dutch citizens who were born with work ethic as a major part of their social identity. The Dutch welfare system is more economical for the partaker than actually getting a job. You find people with too much time on their hands.

    In general the fact that so many people are getting worked up over a film that they haven’t even seen yet is absurd. It shows the hypersensitivity of the people of this religion and it disgusts me. This film needs to be shown, it stands for free speech, and at the very least, hopefully an awakening among the “offended” peoples. Are you truly denying that these verses exist?

  20. Now the question is… if you recognize that these verses exist in your holy text, do you take these verses into the practice of your religion?

    I have more questions I’ve been hoping for answers for:

    If Muslims hate the west so much why move there?

    And do you realize the film is saying that in the past people have used this book for justification for violence, are you in blind denial?

  21. hey faisal,
    great post, work on it a bit and send it to the news op-ed. i will give you the contact of the editor. I am sure he will consider your article.

  22. @ Helene which verses are you talking bout? perhaps if you could give me a reference as to the chapter in the quran you refer to i could let you know what i think of them?

    Just as Geert Wilder has a right to free speech so do the 1.5 billion people who follow this religion. Why should they not get worked up at this direct attack on their religion? If someone uses the Quran to justify violence he is insane as Islam preaches peace not violence. This is what i am trying to explain to you guys. In the past Christians have committed mass murders as well, Manson used to say he gets visions from Jesus telling him to go on serial killings, are we to blame the Bible for this then? Any religious verse can be interpreted in different ways.

    People who preach violence and killing in any form are wrong, they can use the guise of any religion or book it is still WRONG! I am not in blind denial i am surprised at some of you who seem to think that fanning the fires of hatred will solve anything at all.

    On the question of why Muslims move to the west when they hate it so much, i find it quite amusing that you are automatically assuming that all Muslims hate the west. What do you base this upon? what i was speaking off before is the small minority of immigrants with a guilt complex not the entire Muslim population residing in the west. Plus i can turn this same question around and like you prejudge and ask if the west hates Muslims so much why do they let us in?

    I do agree on one point though helene and that is that most of the worlds problems today stem from the fact that we weigh everything on a religious scale.

    @ Blurvert
    Aptly put, i think this is a struggle to carve out the dutch identity from the mixture of communities that resides there at present. Obviously it displays insecurity of the highest order.

    @ Tazeen Thank you 🙂

  23. Hey Done and Mabus I agree that there are muslims who are creating unrest in the world but let me tell u there are even more criminals in the world who are not Muslims George W Bush the biggest Criminal who is killing Thousand of People in Iraq and Afghanistan and The Muslims are just taking revenge of that and they are very few in numbers Majority of them want to live in PEACE N LOVE U remember HITLER he was a Jew what will u say??? Just Reply me. ISLAM is Everlastingly noone have the Power to eleminate it ok Not Even Wilder ok now cmon give me the Reply Soon i am waiting

  24. All Literalist Religions: Islam, Chtholicism etc. are fairy tales to control the masses for the benefit of the elite. Do Yoga. Find the singularity that encompasses all of us. Fuck any religion that thinks it “more equal” than any other religion, er myth.

  25. Pound per pound the worst killers in the history of the world are atheists. Stalin, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Tito are all in the top ten of the worst killers in history.
    I laugh at atheists like Hnky who think they can take our children from us to educate their own way.

  26. islam is a joke religion.mohammed was a pedophile.wake up europe and the western civilized world.islam is not peaceful,convert or die?yeah real peaceful,16 virgins?give me a freakin break.1.5 billion brainwashed people.Who covers their beautiful women?,islam,who hangs gays?,islam,who stones people to death?,islam.Screw all you muslims,go to hell.

  27. This is pretty much how Hitler started his revolution to do whatever it takes. At his time there were Jews, not to many Muslims around. Now, it is Muslims turn. Whatever happened to Christ’s (JESUS) message that should one slap you on one cheek turned the other one over too.

    As I see it, Wilders likes to take attention. Those who applauded him play right into his hand. No person with even half decency will try what he is doing. Wilders is writing a conflict that has not yet started. All I hope is that what happened in WWII namely to Jews does not happen to Muslims.

    As for thinking Muslims are bad just because there are some terrorists, what about Hitler he was Christian. Both of the last two World Wars have been started by Christian people, if I may say so. Fanatics often belong to some religious or creed where playing with people’s emotions is so easy. What about slavery which can be sighted with almost every black African American. It was not done by anyone but all by Christian countries. Whatever happened to Native Americans and Australians! They are endangered species now thanks Christian governments.

    With time people often forget. But history is there for those who seek it. In our present time, Al-Qaeda was founded and thought by CIA. CIA invited Osama Bin Laden to Afghanistan whereas Sadam Hussain was also a member of CIA. These facts are public just goggle it. Muslims religion has been hijacked by same people who now claim that it is intolerant. For the names I quoted above, they are just like Mr. Wilders stopping at nothing for their own personal agenda. None of them stand for even an iota of peace.

    For those interested to know what is Islam (Muslims), read history and you will know it. During Muslim era in Palestine and Israel, all Churches, Synagogues and Temples were protected as they stand witness to this age. All religious groups practiced freely as their work stands witness to this age. See India after and before Muslim rule and you will see the truth. I encourage to you to read about Muslim Spain before and after. What Muslim rule does not allow is to harm anyone or any group. You don’t see any Muslim tarnishing Jesus Christ’s image, or an image of any other Religion or Creed. For Islam stands for freedom of speech as long as it does not violate or hurt other peoples feelings.

  28. I believe in free speech and i am a muslim, i agree to every single word Mr.Wilders says ! Its time….Its time.

    The future holds nothing but violence and hate for our kind. It was predicted long long ago of our downfall…Let come what may.

  29. Everyone wouldn’t think that Islam was such a violent religion if the leaders would speak out against the violence. If Catholics started blowing up school buses full of children every time Muslims made cartoons about GOD the Pope would be on TV right away condemning the Catholic Bombers. Muslims should be outraged about what stupid people are doing in the name of their religion not about cartoons and movies that never hurt anyone. All the other major religions have grown up, now it’s Islams Turn.

  30. Helene :there is little room of doubt about the hypersensitivity you talked about and you refered to Muslims – if the film works the Muslims up into frenzy , it’s because they show reverence and respect and great passion for their faith and their prophet – read the quran with reveretial care and read between the lines to read the truth instead of committing blasphemy / we Muslims love and respect all the prophets (From Adam to the last prophet for all humanity MOHAMMED (pbuh); never in history did a muslim say blasphemy / please wear the glasses of truth and wisdom since everything is a blur for you – Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world (thanks to God and inspite of you – you like it or not that’s the truth )read about the Famous Converts To Islam : Malcom X , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Formerly Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Yusuf Islam – Formerly Cat Stevens …
    good luck /God bless you

  31. From what I understand there is nothing wrong with the Quran itself, it’s how it is interpreted. Any set of word can be spun in any direction. The question is why does it seem that so many have chosen a path of violence. Look at Saudi Arabia today; flogging, stoning, beheading, I think we can all agree that these are not favorable things, and somehow it is justified by Islamic Law, laws, that to me seen quite ambiguous.
    @ Saladine: I will not be reading the Quran and the Hadith for religious revelation, in order to speak knowledgeably we must actually know. I do not claim to know Islam, and when I look at it I look from the outside, what is displayed to me. I do not know Judaism either. I was raised a catholic, and though I do not call myself one I take the basic teachings of Christianity to heart; equality, humility, love, but most importantly free will, the right to choose God. I don’t think I will be converting to Islam but thank you for being concerned for my soul, you are not the only one.
    As for the famous converts Malcolm X might not be such a good example as he was an advocate for violence. It was Martin Luther King Jr. who preached civil disobedience, a peaceful method of achieving his goals.
    Finally, we show the world who we are by our actions. Passion is fine but by acting out peacefully we show that we are peaceful. We show that we are tolerant by allowing others to share their opinions but we disprove any accusations by our actions.

  32. @Helen , I just want you to know that such a very few Muslims who commit acts of violence , are not representatives of the whole Muslims / unfortunatelty the international media endeavors to show only those immoral thughs that stand for their own ideological idiosyncrasies / AS FOR GLOGGING ? STONING…Saudi Arabia applies aN Islamic law, which prescribes amputating the right hands of thieves. If an amputee steals again, his left hand is sliced off. this sort of punishment sounds justifiable / in this regard may I ask: in your opinion, what punishment is suitable for someone who rape your sister or brother or murder your brother or even kill your son with an overdose ?

  33. You’ve probably seen this circulating around the net. He makes very valid points. Even if the majority of Muslims are “peace loving” it doesn’t matter. The ones who are in control of the religion and the masses ARE NOT!

    Dr. Emanuel Tanay is a well known and well respected psychiatrist.

    A German’s point of view on Islam.

    A man whose family was German aristocracy prior to World War ll owned a number of large industries and estates. When asked how many German people were true Nazis, the answer he gave can guide our attitude toward fanaticism.

    “Very few people were true Nazis,” he said, “but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of the world had come. My family lost everything, I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories.”

    We are told again and again by “experts” and “talking heads” that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the spectra of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam. The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history.

    It is the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars worldwide. It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave. It is the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor killing. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals. The hard quantifiable fact is that the “peaceful majority,” the “silent majority,” is cowed and extraneous.

    Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. China’s huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million people.

    The average Japanese individual prior to World War ll was not a warmongering sadist. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way across South East Asia in an orgy of killing that included the systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians; most killed by sword, shovel, and bayonet.

    And, who can forget Rwanda, which collapsed into butchery. Could it not be said that the majority of Rwandans were “peace loving”?

    History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points: Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence. Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don’t speak up, because like my friend from Germany, they will awaken one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun.

    Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghanis, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late.

    As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts; the fanatics who threaten our way of life.

    Lastly, at the risk of offending, anyone who doubts that the issue is serious and just deletes this email without sending it on, is contributing to the passiveness that allows the problems to expand.

    So, extend yourself a bit and send this on and on and on! Let us hope that thousands, world wide, read this – think about it – and send it on.

    Emanuel Tanay, M.D.

  34. It is a pitiful shame that someone who would otherwise be termed a “moderate” Muslim wouldn’t support Geert when it comes to many radical and extremist people who misuse the writings of the Quran and the Hadith, etc. Turning with a mouthful of insults just adds gasoline to the fire, and that is exactly what you are doing. Where is your peaceful side?

  35. @ suz my peaceful side gets diminished every time i see us as a species engage in hate as a solution to all of our problems. 9/11 chipped at it a lot, a lot of my faith in humanity went down with those towers, it shudders with every bomb dropped by the Israeli air force in Gaza and it practically shuts its eyes and wants to crawl into a dark corner when people blow themselves up like remote controlled drones in the name of Islam.

    I personally think the greatest example of our unity as a species is given to us by whatever god or deity one choses to follow or not to. It is the fact that when you cut any human being, be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or any other i am forgetting, inside WE ALL BLEED RED. Er Go we are all the same inside, does that not tell us something?

  36. thanks Faisal for your reply , it goes without saying that Geert is just one of those fanatics who fear Islam for it’s growing faster in Euroupe after America .
    suz There is no need to categorize Muslims into “Moderate” “Modern” ” Fanatic ” “extremist” etc – those terms are invented by Media

  37. I am Muslim but I am thankful to this bastard Geert Wilder for bringing attention of whole world towards the Holy Book of Allah QURA’AN because as a Muslim I have soilid faith that Allah Almighty is creator and protector of this book and Allah’s the ultimate genious who brought up Holy Prophet Moses (Peace be uon him) in palace of Pharaon,who himself claimed to be god and was sent to death by the Moses. I believe Geert blasphemous action could prove blessing in disguise as now many more chiristian, jews and other non-believers will become curious about Qura’an and if only for the purpose of verifying the claims of Geert, they go through this book, truthful content of Qura’an will certainly touch the chords of their sensiblity and I am sure many of them will be able to recognise which path is right.Go ahead Geert the evil, Allah has chosen you to preach truth of Islam.And for those who are not sure if Geert’s aligation are true or false,don’t believe on our words,go through the translation of Qura’an and decide yourself if this is Fitna or living blessing of Almighty.

  38. Islam is evil, why don’t the exceptions to this sweeping statement do anything to prove it wrong? Why are people murdered for drawing cartoons of Mohammed? Overall, this is a self-centered and intollerent religion that has done more harm than good. It is a religion that strikes those that hold different beliefs and then strikes again when the above “bleeding hearts” turn the other cheek.

  39. I spent years to become a qualified psychiatrist. (I am from a Muslim background though do not practice Islam). I believe Muslims have been deceived. If someone showed you you are deceived is he insulting you?

    I can confirm that lots of my patients see visions and hear voices of God like Mohammed did. I analysed the Koran psychoanalytically and dispassionately. Firm conclusions:

    Mohammed had both psychosis and a paranoid personality.

    The Koran was recorded by Arab poets who gave it a literary refinement.

    Mohammed orders killing and raping of those who do not submit to Islam (kill non-believers; women captives of wars are your slaves), though orders peace among Muslims.

    The hypocrisy is that he uses high moral percepts of ‘fairness’ and ‘Justice’ in order to justify massacres of ‘non-believers’, attacking caravans, mugging, rampaging and stealing calling what he stole as ‘booty’ offered by God.

    He orders men to beat their wives if they do not submit to them.

    The intolerance inherent in the Koran is linked directly to Mohammed’s psychosis and his unshakable delusion that his voices and visions meant he was a prophet.

    It is a shame that Christians conducted the reformation and renaissance of christianity centuries ago, and even now them, not Muslim scholars, are risking their lives to promote he reformation of Islam. It’s time for Muslims to wake up and join the reformation.

    The fact that the majority of Muslim are not terrorists does not mean the ideology is safe as, at some point in future, it could be used by thugs and psychopaths to destroy civilization. It is a fascist ideology as what motivated Mohammed deeply is the same as what motivated Hitler and the issues of God, religion or race are all pretexts in the service of power.

  40. No one even knows whats in this film yet its offensive? If broadcasts can be made of my country men having their heads cut off with bread knifes and suicide bombers in london releasing videos to explain why they killed 50+ people, why can’t someone release a 15 minute video of their thoughts? What do you have to hide?

    Don’t release this video or we will kill you, that is exactly the point here. Kill innocent people, again. See if this increases popularity in your cause. You won’t intimidate us. We’ve been through a lot worse.

    If people want to live in the west they need to except western values, I wouldn’t dream of walking down a street in Saudi drinking a beer chanting football songs. If you don’t like it go home. If you wish to accept our culture, grab a seat feel free to stay.

  41. Alem :”I analysed the Koran psychoanalytically and dispassionately.” Quran does need YOUR psychoanalytical interpretation , it’s applicable only to your patients / this Noble Book is not the prophet’s own words , it’s rather Allah’words – if we only follow our own understanding of this Noble Book, without considering how Prophet Muhammad applied it in his daily life, we would be losing out on a huge opportunity to understand the Qur’an’s true meaning and Allah’s message to mankind. Who better to interpret the meaning of Allah’s words than His beloved Messenger? As Muslims, we understand that unlike us, Prophet Muhammad was infallible, inerrant, meaning that he was not subject to committing sins. This was the case for all prophets and messengers of Allah, from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon all of them).

    Whose example is better to follow than one who is not subject to sinning? In the Qur’an we read the verses that say what mean:

    *{What kept men back from belief when Guidance came to them, was nothing but this: they said, “Has Allah sent a man (like us) to be (His) Messenger?” Say, “If there were settled, on earth, angels walking about in peace and quiet, We should certainly have sent them down from the heavens an angel for a messenger.}* (Al-Israa’ 17:94-95) In Allah’s infinite wisdom, He sent a human being, like us, for us to follow as an example so that we would have a practical and realistic role model: one who laughs and cries as we do, one who feels pain and joy as we do. This verse reminds us that we should be careful not to fall into the mindset of those before us who went astray.If we read the Qur’an carefully, we find many reasons to follow the Prophet’s example in our daily lives:

    *{You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah.}* (Al-Ahzab 33:21)

    *{And whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it. And whatsoever he forbids, abstain (from it). And keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is stern in reprisal}* (Al-Hashr 59:7)

    Prophet Muhammad is a source of fully understanding Allah’s commands found in the Qur’an.
    Allah Himself has described Prophet Muhammad as the best role model for us to follow. Allah and His angels send praises upon him, and He commands us to do the same:

    *{Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O you who believe! Call for Divine blessings on him and salute him with a becoming salutation.}* (Al-Ahzab 33:56)

  42. I feel like the film does not need to be aired, though I’d like to see it. Wilder’s has made his point. The reactions that we see posted on this site, for example, proves that some change must be made. Islam, peaceful or not, is being used to inspire violence, there is no denying that. The most absurd things is that we might see war break out just because some people don’t want the world to hear one man’s views. Do we really slice out one man’s tongue to avoid the risk of potentially offending?
    You didn’t see this sort of reaction from Christians over the “DaVinci Code”, a book that attacked the foundation of Christianity.
    If you believe that God created everything, then he created Geert Wilder and his ideas, maybe God is saying it’s time for a change. Look at the progression of the world, change has brought us every modern convenience, even the right to say what we want. I wouldn’t change that, it’s the only thing allowing him to say what he wants and allowing you to say what you want.
    Theo Van Gogh said, “The moment you kill my voice and I am already dead”
    If you kill one voice, what is to stop you from silencing the world?

  43. saladine

    You are talking about your belief not your logic. Years of ‘education’ by our parents have given us an idealized image, a holy image, a high image of religeous figures elaborated by books, stories and tradition. Were you there to see for yourself what Mohammed was like, or were you just told what he was like.

    Have you ever had the experience of romanticizing, elevating or idealizing someone who has died? This becomes 100,000 times more important when a religeous figure dies. When your information about Mohammed is exactly conform to what he was 1400 years ago, your information has what’s called historicity, i.e., historical value. But when hundreds of fathers and ancestors have glorified an image, one after the other, and handed it down the generations, when it reaches you it becomes your Muhammed. I am trying to see the real Muhammed through the centuries, rather than take as granted what I am told by my fathers.



  45. For anyone to be so destructive and negative about Islam ( or any religion for that matter) in this day and age is astounding. The only reason Wilder can get away with such blatant and vitriolic venom is because it’s not against the Jews. Do you think that ANYONE would be able to say anything even vaguely negative about the Jews, or Christians, and get away with it? No way! Why? Well, think about it for a moment…
    Wilder by the way, is crazy about Israel, in fact, he wishes he could live there, because life there is ‘great’ and people are ‘so wonderful’. In fact, he has visited Israel many times.
    And who do the Israelis dislike the most? You guessed it!
    So……do things start adding up now??
    I mean, Wilder is SUCH a loser! If any Muslim got up and started saying equally insulting things about the Bible, what would Winder do? Would he like to see a movie about Western, white terrorists? Would he like to see a movie about Westerners beating up their wives and abusing their children? Or what about abuse issues in Holland, which are horrifying? Or drugs, AIDS and white slavery? Does this all connect to religion? Does this mean that the Bible teaches these things?? Certainly NOT! Fanatics can be found in every religion, and Wilder, a Catholic, is a prime example! He is basically freaked bout that Islam is growing faster than any other religion, and he just wants to crush that. There’s a great example of intolerance right there! If people are looking to Islam, just maybe, its because Western Christianity has nothing to offer anymore. Just boring sermons without any spirit, dead churches, gay frustrated priests abusing children, pastors in Holland who don’t even believe that the Bible is true, those who just think its a bunch of stories, no more faith, no more belief, no more love, just materialism. Get dressed up, go to church, and then gossip and bitch about your neighbor and treat people like shit the rest of the week! So well……..people are going to look elsewhere, its logical!
    And finally, just because a company has a few bad employees, it does not mean the entire company is bad! Just because a company has a weirdo, does not mean everyone is like that! So people, wake up and realize that if we don’t build bridges between each others faith, and cultures, we are going to destroy each other!
    Of course Mr. Wilder has neither the brains nor the wisdom to know that, poor guy! Some people have so little confidence in themselves, that the only way they feel better is by putting others down. Pathetic!
    Freedom is not without its limits. Would you give unlimited freedom to your child? Drink whatever you want. whenever you want?
    Every company has rules that limit what you can and cannot do. Every country has rule and regulations otherwise there would be anarchy! The same with freedom. TO say whatever you want is bullshit! Can you say WHATEVER you want to your employer?? Or to your professor, or teacher??
    Freedom is not freedom, if it is :”freedom for me to abuse you verbally and mentally, because I feel threatened and insecure”.
    Or, look, what a free and open society we are, we can say anything we want. and we don’t really care if hundreds of people die around the world as a result, as long as we can selfishly say what we want, coz we are spoiled little brats!”
    I’m NOT a Muslim. But religiously intolerant people are among the most bigoted and small minded people in the world! So, the final question is, how does someone like Wilder sleep at night? Lets see………no conscience?? No responsibility? Poor, pathetic guy!!

  46. When I read many comments in here I get the impression many ppl didn’t see the same video.
    Just by telling that there’s a threat of growing radical muslim tendencies in Europe the interviewer talks about blaming 1.5 billion ppl….that’s bullshit.
    He’s not talking black n white.
    He does NOT to put muslims under general suspicion.
    But he’s stressing the fears many Europeans have.

  47. Geert and other fanatics like him may think that we, the Muslims will respond in the same venomous way by blasting Holy Prophet Christ and Moses and calling their Holy books bad names like Fitna,but if you ask any Muslim. he or she will tell you that no Muslim remain in religion of Islam without having faith that these two great souls,alongwith all Prophets like Adam (Peace be upon him),Noah (Peace be upon him),Danyal (Daniel,Peace be upon him),Yousaf (Joseph,Peace be upon him),Ishaq (Isaac,Peace be upon him),Yaqoob (Jacob,Peace be upon him)Ismail(Samuel) and other all Holy Prophets were messengers of God Almighty and their Holy books were true,and we can’t even think of abusing any of these.You guys say that why are Muslim making hue and cry without watching and analysing this docomentary,No, I don’t need to watch this bullshit,It’s name “Fitna” tells me whats inside.I can only hope that this evil creation will not prove Fitna for the peace and hormony of humankind.

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