Election Report, Updated

It is now 6 Pm in Pakistan, a full hour after election day coming to a close. Till now there have been only some incidents of violence and alleged rigging. Many people have by now come on air and expressed the fact that they were more than satisfied by what they have witnessed, this includes serveral election observers as well.

The most disappointing aspect of today has been the media coverage, which is patchy at best and interrupted by various technical glitches. Such as loss of sound etc. Plus each Tv channel in the interest of ” First to announce results” is broadcasting the results of every polling station from different constituencies. This is really confusing as there are more than 140 polling stations in a constituency and broadcasting one polling stations result gives false indications. I think the Tv channels if they want to act responsibly should collect and compile the results of a constituency before announcing anything.

The atmosphere is still that of calm, albeit a very nervous one at the moment. Will the people predicting large scale rigging, mass panic, chaos please stand up?

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  1. Let’s hope it stays this calm once the results are out. We don’t know when things ho haywire as soon as the results start coming in tomorrow.

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