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For the last six months or so, the once muted whispers of change have now raised themselves to a crescendo of voices. They all have but one goal, to make sure that our “Great Leader” goes for a long walk on a short pier as soon as possible. No I am not referring to the lawyers movement here, as they are the only ones whom I feel are justified in their stance. I instead am referring to the various new “political wannabes” who are all hitching themselves up to this bandwagon for change. Among them are businessmen, student activists, socialites, celebrities, retired Army generals of various resources as well as many media and journalistic luminaries.

I have myself often criticized our “Great Leader” for his various follies in the last year or so. He has started to listen too much to the Gujratis around him then to the voice of his own conscience on whose power alone I might add, he has survived for this long. Can any of us forget the euphoria that swept our nation when he seized the reins of power from “The Bald Hope” whilst in the skies and laid out a national plan for reconstruction of our country based on principles that made sense to one and all?

The same “Bald Hope” is now the champion of democracy and the judiciary. Why do we have such a short memory as a nation? Does no one remember who stormed the court in 1997? Who wanted to arrest the then Chief justice just because he would not toe the line?

The month of elections has now started, and everyone and their dog are pandering about their political acumen based on experiences of a non political life. I do not claim to be an analyst or a great thinker or anything of the sort. However I would like to ask one question to anyone out there who is indulging in the following :

a) Candle light vigils for any purpose clutching LV or other “must have designer bags”

b) Organizing graffiti movements in expensive coffee shops whilst drinking various forms of imported mocha

c) Societies of ex Armed forces people, who have suddenly awakened after 8 years of slumber

d) The various political blogs and movements springing up daily on the internet, no offence to my blogger friends many are fighting for a cause but some are well..what can i say finding a cause to fight for?

Exactly who in gods name is your alternative to our General (Retd)?? No no no, do not tell me that Ata is exorbitant or that fuel is too expensive to drive, or that the poor are suffering. I also live in this society and am aware of all the various disasters that surround us. Just name one person, who is capable of leading this nation away from all this and into the future in a sound and efficient state of well being? And please exclude former tried and failed leaders from your list, just as a token of goodwill. Since they have come plundered, gone and have come again. I await the list of our saviors!!

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  1. The wikipedia has shown the picture of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) in their article on Muhammad. It is highly deplorable act and i request you all to order the wikipedia to remove this picture which is fueling religious hatred. Who ever has placed this picture is a true terrorist as he is trying to incite more then 1 billion Muslims of the world


    Please visit the site to sign the petition. Also try to write to the Wikipedia authorities so that they can remove it immediately.
    M Junaid Khan
    The Land of Pure

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