The Imminent Threat

When the history of the year 2008 is written, it will read something like this. In the first week of the year, Iranian boats attacked three US Warships in the Strait of Hormuz. This was the beginning of how the Invasion of Iran began, purely as a defensive measure that the United States had to take to protect its sovereignty.

Laughable is it not? but the truth shall be forgotten by us all. History is written by historians and it has long been said that it is usually written by the victors. On the 9th of January the U.S declared that its 3 warships… say it again slowly waar ships have been challenged by Iranian Navy comprising of 2 speed boats.

I can already hear the shouts and rallying cries from D.C, by God they are evil they are attacking us!! we must go in and secure their democracy. We must ensure that their people get freedom from the tyrannical regime they toil under. It is our duty as Americans pffffft this “international incident” is the biggest joke of the year so far. How the hell can Three Warships be threatened by a couple of speedboats!! Well they shouted “you will blow up in minutes”my friend… 😛

I i was the U.S Navy i would be pretty ashamed at my commander in chief declaring to the world that they felt threatened by 2 speedboats. Can you imagine what kind of weaponry these war ships posses? Its like saying the bully of the schoolyard got the wee wees because a little baby threatened him. What a moral downer man!! but then all this proves is that the great eagle is looking for another roost. Before the 1st gulf war it was “Thousands of troops moving towards Saudi Arabia” in the second it was “Thousands of weapons of mass destruction” and now its gonna be 2 speed boats shouting “you will blow up in minutes” well i think you certainly will blow up sir…but with yr inner ego over inflating..not with anything else.

The U.S President is currently in the U.A.E discussing the imminent threat by the Airanians. I can hear the drums of war…

  1. US has to keep itself engaged in war as most of its GDP is made of firms producing weapons.. if there s no war US will go into depression!

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