Pakistani’s Fleeing to Afghanistan?

About 6000-8000 Pakistanis have fled along with their families into the South Eastern provinces of Afghanistan from our tribal areas. The reasons are simple, with the month of Muharram looming on the horizon, clashes between Shia and Sunni villages are escalating, thus they fear for their lives.

So now it has come to this, used to be a time when one would read about the millions of Afghans running to Pakistan every time violence broke out. Seems like our own mutated chickens have now come home to roost!!! Well done i say!!! let the exodus begin!!

Full Report Here

  1. This means Pakistan has reached the stage where Afghanistan used to be 3 years before.
    Who really can we blame, the government? or the Mullah’s, or the people who have knowingly given themselves to the so called Islamic Heads, who have nothing else to do but to Brainwash them each second.

  2. We can start with blaming the cause of all this, which is militancy which has no justification Nikki. When one justifies the killing of innocents anywhere in the world by religion, then surely whether its a government backing it or religion the result is a disaster.

  3. @raza ” Allah helps those who have will to really help themselves” and for Pakistan i guess no1 is really trying to even help themselves so better to forget others.

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