Its been Fixed!! err yes the Election date!

Its just been announced that the Election commission has fixed Feb 18th 2007 as the new date for elections to be held in Pakistan. News is still coming through on this as i write this.  The government has basically said that “Elections are to be delayed till Feb 18th” The immediate results of this could be another round of riots and further agitation already promised if delay occurred by the PPP and PML {N}. The EC has declared that due to damage to its offices as well as infrastructure and the current mood prevailing they could not organize elections on Jan 8th.

Personally i agree that there is no way elections could be held in this seriously emotional national atmosphere. The people need time to heal and pick up their lives before we thrust them back into another whirlwind of stress that elections always bring to Pakistan.

However this is not what has awakened me from my depressed slumber to post today. I just read a piece of news on Teeth Maestro’s Blog which is so despicable and disgusting that i literally do not know how to react to it.

In a few words Asma Jehangir’s daughters were picked up on gunpoint in Lahore while filming some torn posters, by armed goons of the PML {Q} and taken to the election headquarters of the Q League. Where they were beaten, one of them almost raped and threatened with dire consequences if they did not hand over the footage. If this is indeed true then i fear for the worst, an already angry nation does not need further provoking to come out and tear everything apart once again. Please stop this lunacy, whoever is listening out there, no good can come of tactics like this. Except for further damage to our name!! We need to heal!! We do not need this…STOP or their will be nothing left to abuse soon!!

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