Hara Kiri Karachi Ishtyle

Everyday while driving to my workplace… which is located in the bowel of the city in the I.I loser road area. I try to keep my focus on driving as swarms of motorcycle wallas zoom around my car, going through the smallest of niches the tiniest of crevices at breakneck speed.

Sometime i feel like an imperial star destroyer commander with all those x wings floating around from Star Wars!!! Are these people mad or what? They do not stop at signals, they do not use their indicators but rather stick their arms out on either side when turning and they do not look before they cut in front.

Its almost like they are trying to commit harakiri under your car. In fact some of them try so hard to get run over by cars that it is impossible to avoid them. this situation is compounded by the fact that these scooter wallas now have to wear helmets, which are good for safety yes… but in the absence of right or left rear view mirrors on the bikes have the same effect as blinders on a horse!!

As it is driving in this city is getting to be a pain in the arse! add to that reckless endangerments of other peoples lives and you have a recipe for cardiac arrest. I have no clue why people riding motorcycles behave in this way, shouldn’t they be more careful since they do not have any metal around their bodies to protect them? i would.. seriously!

  1. I hear exactly what you mean. They’re a menace on the road and you constantly have to lookout before one attempts to get himself killed using the antics you just described. Also, there’s another equally bewildering thing you come across our roads – People crossing on foot in high-speed traffic! Sometimes with kids!! :S I mean WTF?!

  2. That’s not the story of Karachi only, though I thought so while being there but now seems all cities of Pakistan are having same problem! Same happens here, and I sometime think to have a jetpack especially while coming back in the evening!

  3. It isn’t just Pakistan, either. Happens in England too, only this time it’s not so much motorcycles as pedal cyclists. The right-on, green, holier than thou type. One yesterday making a right into a main road without even looking at the traffic… and today, one either side of me as I waited at the lights; the one in the middle of the road going hell for leather in face of the oncoming vehicles and the other speeding up the pavement.

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