As 08 dawned on Karachi in an utterly chilly January morning. It was heartening to see everything either open or opening on the way to work. Petrol stations removed those ghastly shamianas, shops lifted their shutters and things started moving about.

The day obviously passed in clearing up the backlog of the weekend and watching as the stock market annihilated itself yet again. This city has a lot of spirit and gusto in it yet and by now everyone has been fed up of hearing the verbal diarrhea that are our media channels these days. Totally toothless and utterly silly as they go about parading the same footage and talking the same story to death. Ever heard of angles people?

The most hilarious piece was shown by Mr Cheema ( of the lever fame) for which the government has duly apologized for, but certain talk show hosts were not far behind. I would like to really ask who commissions these programs for airing? when the host cannot even speak in proper English on an English talk show. Its a bit silly really to see them stumble in made up phoren accents.

Why is Geo News still off the air by the way? ohhh right… they refuse to sign on the ordinance, hmmm i wonder whats gonna happen there as their advertisement seems to have directed itself to other sources on air, fickle these companies aren’t they?

By now astrologers have predicted this coming year to be a politically turbulent one with the main beneficiary being the bald hope. Is there any other kind of year in our countries politics?

I feel for poor Bilawal Zardari Bhutto or is it Bhutto Zardari? i am afraid the changing of a name is not going to change much of his foreseeable difficult future. Still he seems to have a stable head on his shoulders and a clipped accent, should be enough to woo us all to the polls me thinks.

Newspapers also report today that the sale of moonshine and phoren liquor was even more than on last new years. What? i thought we were all in a state of sorrow for BB, but this is how Karachi is, compassionate, heartfelt and cruel all in the same weekend.

At least now it is open for the daily grind eh? 08 here we come!!

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