The Lure Of Power

Power…. something which the elite crave for and the masses know nothing about. They say nothing corrupts like power and our politicians are perhaps the best example of this sort of corruption. They say it was power that was Alexanders undoing in the end. As mere military conquest was not enough for this great general, he wanted to rule the world. The same with Hitler, Mussolini, Nixon, Lenin, Zia Ul Haq, etc etc etc

These days though the lust for power evident in our current crop of election hopefuls is nothing less than pure comical. As the daughter of the vest shifts her strategy from boycotting to non boycotting the upcoming elections on an hourly basis. With the various marriage (sorry) deal hopefuls like Phajlu of the (Orange turban fame) and the various long bearded ones in M.M.A following suit. Most parties are also using the ever popular “we will boycott, but with the option of fighting” clause of their manifestos.

The nomination papers having being filed are also producing some hilarious results. With various cronies of the powers to be challenging the “said” papers in petitions. In fact the papers of Mr Shahbaz Sharif have now also been rejected as according to documentary proof he is a defaulter of 12 million rs to some bank allegedly. Obviously however the fact that a certain BB was thrown out of power twice on corruption charges escaped the scrutinizers of such matters.

Oh and lets not forget that El Presidento has now asked the provincial governments to ban all sit ins and protest rallies and such rubbish. As there is absolutely nothing wrong with the election process and everything is transparent and clear for all to see. The media is functioning with broad impunity etc etc

One man though still stands out in these times. Although his personal life may be as spotty and colorful as most of our leaders public ones. He has taken a stand and will not fight in the forthcoming elections. Much is said about him and i admit i was one of those pointing fingers at his famous cup speech which emphasized on the I more than the We. I must admit though that i am stupefied at his honesty, his integrity and his willingness to not bow down against these odds.

It is only men like these in my opinion which can lead the country out of the turmoil it is in at present. Pity that such voices are often silenced either by the influence of the larger parties or those in the white halls of power in countries far away, who claim to be the harbingers of democracy but still let no one from the grass roots level stake a claim to anything in the vassal states they govern by remote control.

  1. How far tho’ will the electio be decided thro’ cltre or religio? In Wales we joke it is’t politics that matter bt whether the cadidate is chrch or chapel. Not so amsing for Pakistan.

  2. Well actually willow… i find it quite amusing… most of the politicians here are either fuedals or religious mullahs… so its either mosque or farm here… and neither are known to be great producers of intellect. This is why most of us were kind of thrilled when Musharraf took over.. as he is intelligent and educated even if he is a khaki. In future Pakistan has to elect people on merit or the spiral downwards will continue.

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