The Last Day

Today is the last day of 2007, a year which has been both tumultuous and weird in Pakistan. We have seen it all here in this year, with the ouster of the judiciary back in march starting the whole goddamn awful mess we are in right now.

I did go to work today,(yes i do work) and was there until 1 pm, thats about the time that miscreants started their activities again by firing in the air and at a rangers check post, after which me and many other offices were left with no choice but to flee home or wait it out.  Exasperated with it all ,i wanted to wait, but i then got the dreaded of all messages… one that ends with 90 it said “attack on 90, Farooq Sattar dead” i think my heart stopped until i made it to my car and i ran as if my life depended on it!

All round me again as if in a state of deja vu i watched as banks, offices, shops and petrol stations hurried to close their doors as people ran yet again to get home.  Is this our life from now on? to struggle to get to work against the saner reasoning of our mind and then run like rabbits every time a false alarm sounds. Thankfully Farooq Sattar is ok…and so he has clarified on TV.  The outcome of his demise, would be something i would not want this city to ever go through.

So here we are again.. the PPP is all gung ho for elections, The Bald hope has also announced his desire to compete and Mr Zardari was amazingly boisterous and pretty handy with the microphone. The government is at a loss of what to do as the city is closed once more…i say close it down till the bloody elections are over, at least this game of cat and mouse will be finished!! we the people are sick of it all, and to top to all off another year is beginning!!! I wonder what this one will bring, are there any more surprises left? cuz i think we have done it all in 07. Oh by the way Happy New Year everyone, at least the awful charity balls wont happen in the name of the poor tonight. Do they not say every grey cloud has a silver lining?

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