After dealing with and using computers for over 12 years with a geeky degree in Management Information Systems i have come to realize that there are only two forces in the computer galaxy. The good side that is the various versions of window driven machines & the dark side with its sleek lines and alternative looks by Apple computers.

Specifications wise these two types of computers are the same at different levels, that is in terms of Gigahertz(speed) Ram(Flow) and storage space these days. they all have a modem, they all have DVD drives etc etc The main difference to me has always been the operating system.

Right from the start the makers at Apple computers have been at an immense disadvantage, as the pc industry is totally dominated by “Windows” touting machines. Lets face it, Windows is the be all and most popular of all operating systems ever designed. It has the most software titles, the most users and the most gargantuan organization backing it up. However as the case goes with gargantuan companies like Microsoft, they tend to extinguish creativity in their products.

First of all, the windows operating system is so memory exhausting that any machine be it laptop or desktop if run on something alternative like Linux or Leopard boosts performance to a shocking level. Why because in my opinion Windows just has too much code and its focus on releasing retail versions without proper testing, with reliance on later patches is just depressing! Not just that, but in todays broad band age the security of your system is paramount and any machine running Windows in it is prone to a lot of security breaks due to the software being quite vulnerable. Plus it has now come to a point where whether its Dell or Sony or Toshiba or whatever, personal computers with the Windows tag have become just plain boring. They are functional yes, and some of the pricier ones are even quite fast but if you have seen one windows machine you have seen them all! they are all blaaah!

Obviously at this point you dear reader would be thinking, oh he is another Mac crazy person but i am not. In fact i have to date never owned an “I anything” in my life, not even an Ipod, i use the memory card on my Nokia phone to keep songs! The reasons for it have been simple, until now the products by Apple were too inconvenient for my taste. First of all they were few and far between and not very compatible with the general universe of computing in th terms of printers, scanners etc etc. Then they were quite non available as well in Pakistan with 0 sales support or backup. However a lot of things have changed now, aside from the awesome looks and “feel cool” vibe which goes with any Apple product that one buys, yes i have spend countless hours staring at I Books through glass windows abroad. Apple has now opened its mind up to quite a few flexibilities, even popular software titles like Word and Excel are now available on it. Plus the general computer industry has more or less embraced Apple with designing more and more peripherals to go with its machines. Let us also not forget its Operating system also! Speaking of which… its just brilliant!! The Mac OS X Leopard is exactly what the name says, where Vista is just a big hulking elephant this peach of a system is so user friendly it is almost break proof.

So i have decided in the end of an exhaustive lifetime of Pc’s and windows to finally switch over my friends to the dark side. Because yes its hip, its kool, its functional and it is groundbreaking and as far as i am concerned, i always liked the red slight sabers more than the cheesy green ones!!

  1. Faisal,

    I decided to switch to Apple for the same reason but have had some issues along the way. Is the Mac gaining popularity in Pakistan?


  2. Hey Athar

    yeh man a big mac store has opened here on zamzama which is selling all their products except for the iphone as it is not officially being marketed for the S.Asian markets.

    They are giving the proper warranties as well, what issues did you have???

  3. Surely Faisal we can exchange links as you have suggested. Please ask Ghazala as she also committed the same with me but never saw anything on The Pak Spectator.

  4. true . I am also weighing alternatives to switch the platform these days, I will prefer linux as macs are a bit heavy on pockets :D. and windows vista is irritating me to an extent that i now hates it :@, mainly due to 2 reasons.
    Hunger for hardware , my hardware updates are not to feed the OS, but to help the applications that use on my system. I have would like to have an extreme graphics card not for stupid AERO , but to play games with better graphics :(.
    Secondly , the imposition of DRM, what the hell, i own my hardware but still i am not authorized to use it in any way i like. OS should be a manager, not the owner of the hardware , it should not dictate me about my computing needs.

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