Benazir Murdered Updated

Right now… the National Hospital in defense in Karachi is on fire

Right now.. the entire nation is sitting glued to their tv sets watching in horror at what is unfolding

Right now..various area of Karachi, Peshawar, Sialkot & Pindi are being looted and damaged by angry activists and mourners

Right now Benazir’s coffin is being shifted to an airforce base for flight to her ancestral burial ground with her family who are on route from dubai

Right now the entire PPP is stranded without leadership at Zardari house, most of them crying in disbelief and shock at what has just occured

Right now the president has declared 3 days of mourning and an oath to find the people responsible for this tragedy

Right now Nawaz Sharif and his party have announced a boycott of the elections in solidarity with the PPP

Right now i am wondering why we are only ever united in grief as a nation?

  1. My condolences and prayers that your country can overcome this and come out stronger and continue the work of Mrs. Bhutto.

  2. Every body know mush is behind this.he was so sqatisfied on televsision yestersday.he normally barks like a dog and even when he was imposing emergency.but yesterday he was was a target killing.precision weapons were used .otherwise amin faheem would have been hurt too..who has these kind of weapons ……army and mush… May her soul rest in peac.she is a martyr and she will live in our hearts.mush willl now try to impose emergency to prolong his rule.he has already laid the framework for the next mutilation of body gains more than him.

  3. why is it that only bad people call for jihad against good people. Now is the time for good people to call for jihad against these bad people. These guttless people will continue until WE the free people of the world fight back. any thoughts?

  4. I am in America, watching and heartbroken over these events. I truley hope that all of Pakistan’s opposition parties will unite against Terror. This is a line in the sand. As goes Pakistan, will go much of the world.

  5. From the Philippines, our hearts go out to all of you– I have just finished watching the BBC feature on Ms. Bhutto and I am saddened by the immense loss– and yet, there are people like you who will keep the torch of hope and faith going.

  6. junaid – as difficult as this might be for you to fathom, Pres. Bush isn’t responsible for the terror in the world!! These Islamic terrorists want to impose their way of life on the whole world! But they are starting with ‘Islamic’ countries first. And the way they are doing it in the West is through immigration.

  7. To be people of Pakistan: Our hearts and prayers are with you in this god awful killing that has taken place. We are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. Please be as safe as safe can be. Love your families, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Hold them tight. God is on your side. Hate is a terrible thing and holding on to power is even worse when it comes to killing.

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