Anarchy In Pictures

This weekend was a truly sad one, not just because of a great politician and leader of our country being murdered but what her supporters and other elements did to Karachi in the name of mourning. I present a small showcase of pictures taken by Amean J on the aftermath and riots in Karachi. In the hope that we can learn and educate ourselves in what not to do after the death of a leader!


Burnt car heralding the start of Boat Basin, Karachi


Road to Asiana


Punjab Chowrangi


UBL Branch on main Shamsheer across the U.A.E Counsalate


Zamzamas edge (come shop here, we not only give service we burn you alive)


Shops ransacked and gutted besides the KPT underpass


The burnt BMW showroom next to Agha supermarket


Last but not the least, a plea by all of us to stop the lunacy!

  1. Kindly i did as u said but i still dunt understand how to get my blog on pak blogs appears in the new blog forum but not under what pakistani bloggers r saying today.

  2. its horrible to see all these shots at different blogs and sites, what on earth are we showing to the world around us, are we terrorists?? well as far as the past few days are concerned we have proven to be so.

    May Allah grant us wid enough knowledge tht enables us to differentiate between good and bad as thts the basics…and we still havent learnt the basics..

  3. Very sad indeed! I also witnessed few similiar incidents myself but since it was night and my cell phone camera wasnt good so i missed the opportunity to capture them myself but i think we all know very well what the angry mob did to our country.
    Really depressing and sad!
    M Junaid Khan

  4. A small correction faisal, what you are showing is “chaos” not “anarchy”. Anarchy simply means “without leaders” and, in the political sense, means a society without kings, prime ministers, presidents, popes and mullahs, where people live and associate voluntarily. Seems to me the world needs a little more of that kind of anarchy, not less.

    I think we ought to less disparage the angry mob for what they did, than to understand why they were angry in the first place. There are a lot of people, in a lot of places on all sides poking their noses into the affairs of Pakistan that really ought to but out. I think Nikki has the right sentiment.

    good luck to you all, I hope it works out.

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