Happy new year 2012

The new year is going to be here in 3.5 hours. Karachi is going to welcome it like it does every year.  Sporadic gun fire, car horns, people doing crazy stunts on motorcycles, the have’s partying either at friends places or at various “charity” balls. The have nots gathering at sea view or trying to get there as their way is barricaded with various containers and such obstacles and the hope always the hope for a better year ahead.

I took the liberty of tweeting for a song list to listen to on new years as we usher in 2012. Below is what the pak blogsphere came up with. You can click to hear on each link.

Happy news years from me!!

Countdown” – Beyonce

 “Paradise” – coldplay

“What do you want from me” by Monaco

“Happy New Year – ABBA

“Here comes the Sun”- Beatles

“Last Friday Night” – Katy Perry

“Moves Like Jagger” – Maroon5

“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga

“The one that got away” – Kate perry

“Levels” Avicli

“Don’t stop me now” – Queen