Book review – Sands of time

By – Zohaib muzaffar


The Sand of times, a short story by Faisal Kapadia, a blogger and a social media activist.

Although I am not an avid reader of fiction but this short story had all the ingredients to cast an impression on your mind of all the characters of this novella.

First astounding thing about the book is its dedication, in recent times I have not come across a more realistic and inspiring dedication of a book.

Set in the back of drop of a huge metropolis called Karachi the short story runs between two extremes, of society. One is of impoverished households of fisher’s family near the sea and the other is that of an affluent and influential sahib form the elite. The maintain character saleh, is both interesting and intriguing and manifests all the paradoxes of the society which inhabits the author as well. Saleh’s meteoric rise to power as henchmen for a Sahib and the abuses he suffered in his childhood shaped his dreams and plans for the future. He has been shown as some one who is kind hearted but don’t relent to do the necessary evil to achieve what he wants.

Another interesting part is the author observations of the mundane life of the elite of the society, that how contradictory their ways are. The use of language has been pretty awesome, that not only describes the emotions aptly but the background as well in which different characters are living their lives.

For me the ending was one of the best part of the short story, as it enchants ones to the maximum. I would strongly recommend you to read to grasp a rather different view of what true love is!

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