Laidback Show Episode 14 (campfire)

The 14th edition of the Laidback Show was recorded in some remote location within the Sorh Valley, Baluchistan as Dr. Awab Alvi and Faisal Kapadia ventured with the Offroad Pakistan group for a three day adventure trip. The recording was done in front of a live audience late at night in front of the campfire. Lightening was low and many friends around the campfire helped provide the necessary lightening to have the show recorded. Intermixed between the interview is some footage of the thrill seekers getting stuck and enjoying the outdoors

People interviewed were

* Sabiha Omar

* Taimur Mirza

* Wazir Ahmed

* Amjad Mawaz

* Salim Khan

* Hamid Omar

* Zulfiqar Bhootani

* Khan Sahib

Credit to Mahera Omar and Zulfiqar Bhootani for lending us the videos of the day-time offroad adventure