Jaag mere talib – e – ilm protest in karachi

n312147955331_7212-190x250Oct 24th Saturday saw us, me and Dr Awab that is standing in front of a pleasant surprise. A small throng of students in front of the press club with banners, megaphones et all denouncing the Taliban with passion. They had a press release they were organized and they came from 4 different colleges and some varied school districts here in Karachi. All gathered via new media and brought together for one common demand, that is for the government to provide sufficient security enabling their schools and colleges to open again. We took clips of these proceedings and laced them all into a short “through our eyes” footage video for our show LBS. It was quite heartening to see the students, most of them having no activism experience, demand their rights in a civil manner as it should be in a democracy. Even better was their denouncement of the Taliban. Its about time we made the militants aware of what we feel about their war on us as well.