Weekly roundup 8.6.09

Well what a week this has been. Its pretty tough living in this heat in Karachi, although shockingly the electricity has not gone for 10 days now. How can we go from 8 hours of no lights per day to no power outages for this long? Did someone push a magic button? What is the KESC doing? Was it subjecting us to some kind of torture which has worked now so they switched it all back on? I thought we had a mega power shortage around the tune of 2500 watts or so…so where did the juice come from?

Speaking of surprises the CJP seems to be busy shuffling judges around the power nexus to his advantage. The verdict for all’s good for sher squadern was given by a jury which did not comprise of the original bench’s judges. Which is totally against the law as per our constitution as the bench hearing the appeal has to have the judges which gave the unfavorable decision in the first place. So even though the judiciary gives a fair decision it is done on seemingly illegal grounds?

Has anyone noticed how Sher squadern is all set to take over in by elections and then start driving a wedge in the ruling coalition which might or might not result in mid term elections? Plus what exactly does the head of U.S relations for Afpak Richard Holbrooke have to talk about with the CJP who just had a meeting with him? Shady questions leading to dodgy circumstances In the near future I say. I especially feel for the thousands of lawyers and civil rights activists who followed him on his two long marches, those poor folk thought they were aiding the dawn of an independent judiciary in Pakistan. Suffice to say it’s not looking very independent right now.

This week also marked the start of water riots in Karachi which saw several posh localities in D.H.A being held hostage by firing, road blocking and tire burning. Poor residents, they did try to tell the protestors that you have to do this at the other end of the bridge and not here but no one listened I guess. Welcome to the real Karachi is what I have to say to them, empty that swimming pool eh?

There was also another suicide attack on another 15 facility (15 is paks 911) in Islamabad this time, but was critically averted by two policemen who gave their lives in the effort. What do the militants have against 15? First Lahore and then Isloo with the same target makes one wonder as to what the goal is here? The Towelies seem to be losing the war in their own backyard so they are bringing it to our streets to change public opinion? Fat chance of that happening I say, Pak army is to date doing a great job of routing and maiming the bearded ones. Some movement of refugees has also started happening back to their deserted towns but as per reports they have also been stopped in certain areas from returning home. How sad is it going to get for these folk before we realize they are all our own countrymen and we have to make sure they get back to their lives sooner or later!

To top it all off the weekend has ended with Pakistan’s cricket team making a mockery of themselves once again in the 20 20 they just lost to England, who was beaten by Netherlands in the last match. The Captain and the players of our team, I think forgot that this was a real game and not a warm up match, that’s how they played it anyways, fumbling and dropping chances and then later on chasing a total of 185 like this was a four day match. Can someone please give Salman butt a rest from his misery??? On Tuesday we play the dutch..and I think we all know how that will go.

All this is nothing compared to the icing on the cake, just announced the president with the perpetual grin is off to another 4 nation, 6 day tour coming week. Wonder what kind of frequent flier miles he has. Perhaps he is following Obama of Arabia around on his lecture tour.