Sri lankan cricket team attacked!

as shown on geo and other channels
as shown on geo and other channels


The Sri lankan cricket team has just been the victim of a full on mumbai type assault by 12 men equipped with Ak47’s, rocket launchers and other advanced armaments right smack in the middle of Lahore in the Qaddaafi stadium.

The men were stopped only by the elite force in a 25 minute gun battle to save the Sri lankan team, in which 5 officers lost their lives.

Reports are sketchy at the moment but up to 6 players or personal may have been injured in this brutal attack.

This may be the death knell for cricket in Pakistan, the presence of the same blue type backpacks as the mumbai attackers  in clips being shown of the attackers is quite creepy.

Currently panic grips everyone as we are all glued to the tv  watching this tragedy in its wake , the entire area has been cordoned off and no media has been allowed inside the stadium

Update : 11:25am

According to Cricinfo all players are OK now, Samaraweera and another SL player recieved shrapnel wounds in the chest and had to be taken to the hospital but are alright and have been tended to. According to Jaywardenes report the team bus was targeted on the way to the stadium, first the attackers targeted the tires and then the bus as the whole team dived for cover. The Srilankan team is now being flown out of the stadium to a nearby airbase and back home, everyone is still in shock but thank god all the players are ok and there are no more casualties out of this tragedy.

Further update:

It now appears that in addition to the police action the team was saved due to the bravery of the bus driver of the SL team bus who although being critically injured tried to drive the bus away from the stadium and not towards it when the shooting began.

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