Dianne feinsteins revelation

As Pakistanis we have become used to our ahem “leaders” putting their sandals in their mouths on a regular basis.

Since the coming into power of the ZPP we have heard Slicktop and his umm lackey? speak on many an occasion on “the Drone Issue” quite strongly, and condemn it several times. Thus it is quite a shocker that an American senator in an article to the Chicago tribune has summarily declared that the drones in question are in fact operating from “A U.S Base inside Pakistan”

This disclosure by senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, will no doubt lead to many more questions for our government. I wonder how this particular gaffe will be handled?

I hope this is just a misunderstanding and not the truth, which would mean that our government has been lying point blank to us over the last year.

When are the midterm elections again?
Full Story (Chicago Tribune)