The seeds of hate

_45365526_1As the IDF enters its 17th day of attack on Palestine it is becoming increasingly clear that the world is now dividing as we know it. For the last few days here in Karachi there have been camps set up all over the place to donate towards Palestine and their plight.

I say the world is dividing because clearly as shown by demonstrations all over the world not many Muslim expats are happy with the way the IDF is killing civilians to the tune of 900 now in the gaza strip whatever its objectives may be.  There has also been evidence as per picture above of phosphorus bombs being used near civilian areas to cause massive burning and destruction of human flesh.  The anger of the muslim population of the world at this atrocity is far greater than is shown in these demonstrations.

Our leaders may be towing the line and not showing a hostile face but among the Muslims of this world there is widespread defiance and hatred towards Israel and the U.S for supporting its genocide in gaza, obviously the defence used by Israel of making such an enormous attack to stop a few rockets does not hold any footing to those that are watching the murder of hundreds. In 17 days IDF has done more damage to the goodwill amongst Muslims and the rest of the word than the years spent in earning it.

We in Pakistan are badly affected by this hate as we are already experiencing a slow and steady talibinazation of our society. Already the seeds of tomorrows discord have been planted and I shudder to think what mutated beasts will they spring forth. Even yesterday during the peaceful demonstrations here the protesters got inflamed and started of towards the U.S embassy here, they had to be physically restrained and tear gassed to be forced to disperse. If there ever comes a time when they cannot be dispersed then the results will be I am afraid quite devastating.

Even now I can hear the mullahs in the tent across from my office scream for all of us to donate and sign up to register a petition of hate against Israel and U.S.A and bit by bit I can see the line in front growing. I wonder if  Israel realizes that along with 900 Palestinians it has now committed more fodder for the brain washers in this war.

If what is happening in Gaza continues I am afraid it will not be long before others join the fray, all I can do is pray that peace is the result of this ghastly tragedy. For peace is the only solution.