Save T2F!!

By Batool Habib

T2F (The Second Floor Cafe) is being forced out of the building it is currently situated in – and it has left 90% of Karachi in dire dismay at the thought of losing a place as great as this – the cultural , intellectual hub of Karachi, The Second Floor has really made it’s mark amongst the city’s intellectuals and amongst people who wish to learn and better themselves – ranging from book worms to science fanatics to music lovers.

The following articles have been written about saving this much loved NGO!

So now that you’ve read all the testimonials –

The time has come for YOU to take action.


  • By Donation
  • By Volunteering at events
  • By helping with Fund Raising ideas
  • By getting Sponsors
  • By Writing

Help T2F survive, expand, and flourish!

Else we’ll be without a place for open conversation on controversial topics, without a place for free discussion, without a place to broaden your horizons! Be a friend of T2f, come forward and step up…

T2F in Pictures:








These pictures speak volumes about the activities and exposure we’ve had at T2F- We got to see (top left onwards to bottom right):

  • Sabeen bravely answer the media as she announced T2F was moving
  • Mohammad Hanif read an excerpt of his book “The Case of The Exploding Mangoes”!
  • Haroon Shahid(Pak Sangeet Icon) sang “Pyar Di Ganderi” at one of T2F’s Open Mic sessions.
  • My friend Hira practiced Nail Art on me!
    *Now that’s what I call EVERY KIND of Creative Expression! :P*
  • Mimi Aunty sought relaxation in her bright orange cup of Espresso!
  • Jamal laughing ecstatically! *now that’s sheer JOY*
  • Quatro- T2F has always kept a VAST selection of board games!
    *There is NO excuse for Boredom*
  • The new Benazir coin has been displayed!
    *T2F is always in the Here and NOW :P*
  • Photographer Altamash Kamal airs his views about the Political Cartoon Exhibit at T2F!
  • Even the Magazines at T2F are controversial – they are all about Realization – I think the above picture says it all 🙂

So come ON people! do you really want to lose out on ALLLL THIS?