Atving the dossier

Its two days after Ashura which I spent at the beach mind you. Normally i wouldn’t go out on this day at all cause its just depressing with everything closed and what not.  To my surprise though many things were open on 9th and 10th muharram this year. Much to the pleasure of one of my mates visiting from London as well, because as is the case with most desis he has forgotten all about religious festivals and holidays as soon as he took that most coveted flight.

Lets call him J for now, his particular lack of knowledge for holidays is simply that way because in the western world there aren’t many holidays except for well xmas and thanksgiving. So the desi mind even though having grown up here sheds its shackles holiday wise when aiming to settle down abroad i guess. Anyways we had a great time at the beach, took some ATV’s along with us so had a real ball. Soon though as is almost always the case with mates the discussion turned to current affairs or in the case of our government current disasters.

I found it quite hilarious that the several branches of government here, displayed total detachment from each other when the topic of “Mr kasab” came up that particular day, one said he is a Pakistani, the other said its too early to tell and the third and the fourth said something even more peculiar.

Upon getting back to work yesterday I took my lunch time to read the famed dossier that everyone is talking about. Quite frankly I am shocked that India wants the world to believe that Pakistan was somehow responsible by the lieu of this document. Let me elaborate, it contains the names and addresses of all the militants involved in the Mumbai tragedy, even down to their parents names etc etc and aliases. However they showed no pictures, because the bodies were too mutilated. Off course the one militant caught has pictures, has id cards and remembers his fellow 9 militants home addresses as well lol. Which were all obtained during investigations by the famed err god knows who.

Attached to these documents are also interpretations of how it took place and how the “people in control” gave orders via virtual VOIP numbers to the militants cell phones etc etc. So where are the actual call traces? Or do we all just believe whats written is true because Indian intelligence made this dossier? Come on people we all know how far that goes in today’s world? Remember a Mr Colin Powell in 2003? presenting a dossier of troop movements? which lead to the invasion of Iraq. That was not exactly all kosher either eh?

The third and perhaps the most hilarious aspect of this dossier is several photos being taken of the “alleged items” being found on the trawler these baddies came into India on. So basically we are to believe that a fishing trawler was hijacked in the open seas, the captain killed and it just sailed into Indian waters unhindered or unchecked. This when several fishing boats are caught by India every other week when they even stray into their territory. the “highly trained” hijackers then left Pakistani tissues, Nestle milk, Pakistani matches and all sorts of things with the labels “made in Pakistan” clearly printed on board as they got off, just in case so anyone wanting to trail them back has no problem…riiiiiiiight!!

Perhaps they should have left a pink diary locked with a key found around Mr Kasabs neck with a detailed account of how he grew up in faridcourt and what the mullahs did to him while training and how he was now going to kill Indians because of it. I think that would have been more believable, in any case here take a look for your own satisfaction “As published by the Hindu times”

All I can say is if the Indian and Pakistani governments want to go to war, there are many more valid reasons that a stupid story complete with GPS maps and coordinates of god knows where with pictures of Pakistani toothpaste for fucks sake!

the edge
the edge

That and if anyone is interested we found a spot right out side french beach where you can ride to the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, its quite spectacular. J took so many pictures he has gone giddy developing them!! Seems like kolachi still has several spots london can never match!!