Indian jets violate pakistan airspace

Midnight here in Karachi 14.12.08

I am jarred awake by the beeping on my cellphone, another sms I think to myself as i look at the screen, but the next second I am reaching frantically for the remote instead of switching the phone off and going back to bed. The message reads “are we under attack?”

The Tv tells me Indian jets entered Pakistan airspace near Lahore and in Kashmir, it also tells me frantic calls are being made behind locked doors at the moment. Another channel reports the planes were carrying war heads, I wake my wife up. To me warhead means any kind, it might be conventional it might be god forbid “nuclear”

The Indian media, being the good old spokesmen that they are claim it was a mistake, an honest one. Meanwhile our media reports a loud explosion being heard in the Arabian sea between badeen and somewhere else in Baluchistan.

About 10 minutes since the said incident and I have rattled off half a dozen smses, spoke to one more frantic friend and am currently awake as a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming accident. My brains says its ok its more saber rattling but somewhere deep inside me it seems like this is the start of something horrific.

I hope I am wrong.