Muslims at the Vatican

Muslim scholars from all over the world are arriving at the Vatican this week to hold talks with the pope. It seems that the bulb finally lit up over someone’s head to sit down on a table and hash things out between the two biggest religions of the world, by sheer volume of followers at least.

You have to admit that 90% of all war raging in today’s world is solely because of religious differences. Just think how fast those cartoonists would have shut up in Denmark if the Pope and Muslim clerics both declared them unsavory and called for their censorship. So much could have been avoided, but that is then and this is now & it warms my heart to see that “interfaith” is up for discussion now and that no qualms are being made about a closed door meeting on everything from theology to issues between the two religions as well as the rights to practice them in each others countries.

Hopefully at least the religious scholars can see eye to eye on promoting world peace instead of the usual hijacking of their faiths to cause general mayhem and much bloodshed all over. Who knows one day we can even appreciate the beauty of each others beliefs and live the pipe dream of eternal peace. I would also like the holy cities to be opened up to one another, yes i am not trying to be blasphemous here but would it really not help to give people an insight on what is going on when congregations gather than to do it all hush hush and give fire to speculations and doomsday pundits? Open it all up I say and let goodwill prevail!!!

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