Michael Crichton passes away

Today is a sad day, one of my favourite authors Michael Crichton passed away at age 66 finally succumbing to his long private battle with cancer. Michael was a Harvard medical school grad and an amazing writer who provided his readers with escapism which could be justified by scientific facts. Most of his books deal with unchartered mysteries of the world, providing us means to discover what could have been.

Sadly we his fans will not get the chance to be entertained by his writing again, except for maybe a last book which was due to be released next month.  The world perhaps knows him by the screen adaptation of his book Jurrasic park, but Crichton wrote many best sellers like the Andromeda strain, Congo, Disclosure, State of Fear & Timeline.

I hope his family can find the courage to deal with loss, his readers will cherish and remember him forever. Rest in peace Michael!!

“Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agree on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.” Michael Crichton