Terror in Ziarat

A massive earthquake has hit Pakistan yesterday morning in the Ziarat region, 60 km to the north east of Quetta. According to eyewitness reports entire villages have been flattened as the initial shocks were 6.4 on the Richter scale and after shocks around 6.2 and 6.1 which were felt in the afternoon in the same area.
The casualties are piling up as we speak because relief operations are still underway and rubble is being removed to check for survivors. uptill now 200 people have perished with 500 injured all over the region.
Most houses have been destroyed due to massive boulders falling down the mountains during these shocks. Rescue workers are digging mass graves as there is fear that bodies left in the open might spread disease. The worst is yet to come I am afraid as 12000 people are now homeless and out in the winter cold and as we all know this region is below zero at this time of the year.
Its time once again that we got together as a nation and donate whatever we can to help in this effort, the first requirements like last time will be tents, foods and medicine. Please do what you can as several NGOS such as “The Mercy Corps” have sent their teams in the affected area and aid can be sent through them. i would advise anyone who wishes to donate in the effort to check out the organization and whether it is “present” in the affected area right now. We must help though…

Donation links

Mercy Corps

Edhi foundation

Message from “The street kids of pakistan org” for Karachi residents who wish to help

The Volunteers are collecting stuff for the survivors of the Earthquake – Balochistan- please send warm cloths, shoes, blankets, Torches with cells, water, medicine, tin food.. please drop the stuff of at 7/2, zulfiqar street 4 opposite Carlton Hotel:

Details: 300-2332142, 321-7272-369

Note: Truck to Balochistan will leave on Saturday Eve, so kindly drop of all donations before that.