Finally the government is showing some signs of being alive in some form since the elections. Why is this so? well dear readers all 8 of you that is, we again stand at the brink of the famous cavern we keep visiting as a country the one called “doom”. Matter of fact we have been to this edge so many times i think we might build a base here and plant our flag on top. We belong to the edge the edge is ours and here we shall remain eh?

Anyways off the clouds, numerous that they are and back to the silver lining. The government after some quick begging spells to various parts of the world has realized the following and so should we.

  • We are without donors, having fudged up billions of dollars with our famous begging bowl and not an audit in sight we are the worst loanees on the block, the kind that does not believe in paying back. The kind that spends on prados while they extol the virtues of “helping our Pakistan” Plus best thing is that the foreign friends who control our policies and feed our decadent urges are going belly up themselves…yes its over for them as well.
  • The militants all over the mountains to the north think “we” not the “amreekis” are the best target. This has been proven after several bombings suicides, the murder of a great leader of our nation and the destruction of icons of the establishments power like the Marriot. Freshly reported Incidents of various abuses and harassment in the different areas of Karachi by our “new guests” have also shown a dangerous trend.
  • This may very well be the last month for the mandate given politicos to get their trousers up around their waists again instead of roaming around free and fair as the “good general” has just announced his entrance into politics full fledged and the same people that voted them into power are now effectively baying for their blood.

Now we keep blaming the politicans of this land but we never blame the people who elect them. Yeh us…the people of Pakistan who still seem to be living in some fairytale in our heads that we are the greatest and all this suffering is only because

  • As we have ventured from the faith by lieu of the several wine shops selling alcohol to the masses we have brought it all down on us as azaab.
  • Pakistan has a lot of money it is just not in the right pockets
  • China will save us, replace this with Saudi Arabia, Amreeca and any other donor you can think off according to the drawing room and the discussing parties. No one, repeat No one will save us now!!!
  • We still have the bomb. This is the biggest failsafe, look a nuclear explosion means death for many it saves you from nothing.

So as Shamshad Akhter grudgingly admits to their being “something wrong” and pumps in 250 billion more rupees into an already rupee sick market and Maulana Fazlul Rehman decides to pacify things and negotiate between the government and the Talibs we also need to do something to help the cause. First in line as mentioned in one of my previous blogs would be to stop the god damned rumor mongering. We have enough panic in our life’s here in Pakistan, trust me more will not help!!

Then we need to sit down as a nation in every household and cut back on it all!! Yes i know you pay the bills on time but that still does not produce electricity to meet our shortfall of 5500 Megawatts daily. People in this city and country are going without for almost 18 hrs a day so excuse me as i remind you to turn the bloody AC off after your room is freezer like.

Taking those long baths in bathtubs while chatting on the phone is a no no either..we need water as well even if you bought it from the tanker. Next stop buying those dollars up like they are going out of style, ok so the currency is losing value but the dollar is as well so you are not really gaining anything except causing panic. We will survive this terrible time only if we unite and help each other out. We will make it only if we conserve on our needs, each little bit helps and we have to start somewhere now!! Unless you would like the land you live in to go into a financial and violent tailspin which will end your life as you know it, finish your career and have people knocking at your door with big beards and even bigger guns.

Last but not the least we need to start helping civic agencies no matter how cumbersome it is. The next time you see something suspicious call the police, if they do not respond go to the nearby chowki and let someone know. Do not ignore things and move on anymore, we cannot afford to.

If you have information that could help the authorities then let them have it, if you have done nothing you should be afraid of nothing. Plus the next time someone tells you your country is finished stand up for it and tell them you are a patriot and you would rather die than let that happen, because trust me if it finishes a lot of us will die and not even we the eternal optimists can deal with that.