Backward planning

In most countries of the world leaders engage in forward planning to negotiate and bring in prosperity whilst they are in office. Pakistani politicians however are caught between a rock and a hard place as our media tells us.


Personally instead of blaming everyone from top to bottom I  cannot recall when we were not caught in this position in a democratic setup. Seems to be that our “phoren friends” are hellbent on ensuring that dictatorship prevails in the end because after all it is only through one man rule that the most absurd of decisions can be implemented. Quite frankly “Mush” was a dictator but he would not go against our interests and he paid the price for his patriotism in the end.


Right now our honorable finance guru (Mr Tareen) is talking about different plans to rescue us from our ailing economy. He labels them as plan A, B & C as follows.


 A) Help from phoren friends

This is not coming no more, Pakistan has totally alienated itself by its asking for alms wearing armani approach and thus no one is willing to cough up any money for us. Not even our long term charity giver Saudi Arabia which does not like the current government’s overtures with the Ai ra nians. The western friends that we claim to have are already suffering at home themselves so even if they have any money to spare i doubt it will be for us.


B) World Bank

This just went kaput today, as the IMF stopped the World Bank from donating to us, i use the word donate and charity because we are never going to pay these folks back. The IMF claims the WB has no jurisdiction to grant us loans. Hmmm so basically we are now divided and placed in some kind of weird world map which has jurisdictions, perhaps the 5th world?



The only option remaining to us now, they are offering 6 billion dollars of money that will trickle down to the suffering masses because the IMF will they say audit each and every step. Poor Imfers have no idea how good we Pakistanis are at bribing phoren officials. Before you know it the auditors will be the toast of the town.


So lets recap our scenario…we are as poor or no better off than when we were born, we increased our economy but increased our population at a rate triple of that. We are a nation of 17 million beggars who are plying around the world looking for alms. thus the eternal question remains…what wil become of us??? Well let’s just put it this way, i just heard that even the Qaid dead as he is has applied for an Ekama, to shift his remains to Dubai.