Us drone shot down in pakistan?

While our news anchors and talk show hosts are busy parading the usual bunch of government luminaries in front of us on late night tv asking the same questions in the just “oh so serious” monotone on the war on terror and who’s war it is? The local lashkar or tribes in the Fata region known as Angoor Adda have just shot down a US drone.

Pakistan’s government with Slicktop meeting Dubya in DC  have given strong statements about repeated US breaches into our countries sovereignty in the form of these drones raining down hellfire missiles and incursions via their commando units but the American’s are not listening, when did they ever do that anyways?

With the shooting down of this plane which the ISPR is obviously going to claim as a technical glitch the tensions will be further escalated between the two armies which are basically in the process of creating another spitfire LOC for us. Yep you got that right U.S and Pak troops standing across from each other eyeballing, nice situation isn’t it? Nothing mundane in this land EVER!

This also adds to the confusion of “are the locals with this war” and who fired on this drone? Were they militants or just some of the local tribes who have had enough of drones patrolling the skies and raining down death at wedding parties and innocuous civilian structures.

The temperature of the whole scenario is rising and a bit too fast for comfort. Pakistan is really in no position to start a war with the U.S but this is looking more of a possibility since the US forces assure us of stopping these attacks and repeat their actions the very next chance they get. At some point we have to stand up for ourselves or we have no right to be called an independent nation.

Does the U.S want to really destabilize our government? (could be, they seem to have upped the ante ever since the civilian government came into power)

Do they really think a civil war like situation in Pakistan will help their cause or anyone’s cause. Hey buds we are the people who are your allies remember? We gave ya all the leads we have and all the prisoners we could muster for those orange jumpsuits so in trend these days. Why do you not just BACK OFF and give us some space to create a home grown policy to take care of this whole problem. After all we are the one’s who are suffering the most from it? Please kindly leave the crazy cootswith a nuclear arsenal alone…really.

We are not a vassal state and the United States has to realize this. Ok so they have funded most of the war effort but hey its our blood that is spilling out there amigos whether you bomb a wedding or shoot the militants or blow up a hotel or kill army men. Its all Pakistani blood, fighting against their own countrymen for a cause which is supported by how many here?

I just hope Slicktop is at its convincing best, as we can ill afford more violence in this neck of the woods let alone another misadventure against a force far superior to us in might.