Prayer in a sachet

As a species we are rampant in our commercialization of everything from going out, to what we wear to what we use to communicate. Everything in our lives is commercial and consumable.

Still it is a bit funny to see that even aspects like prayer are now being put to the acid marketing test by “beverage” companies like Seaman’s Schnapps who are trying their best to convince the people of Nigeria that their “prayer drink” works wonders.

I am speaking of an annual gathering in the last remaining virgin forests called Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove Festival which has been held for 600 years. In this festival devotees gather and offer various sacrifices to “orishas” or spirits to fulfill their desires.

The “Prayer drink” in question is being touted as a method to gain inherent blessings over usage and time while in prayer. “it helps people focus” says Seamans promotions manager. Thus the said holy water is also packed in sachets as well as bottles to be consumed at leisure during this prayer fest.

Now that is what I call inhaling the spirits, Schnapps style. Wonder if it works equally well with other religions & does god really understand slurred speech…hmmm thats interesting perhaps thats all he understands?