Hajj woes

As cries of impeach and safe passage resound in the air for our Great General, & our political glitterati come on the media to proclaim the sensitivity of this time for our nation it is interesting to note what is going on in the assemblies.

The provincial assembly of Punjab in its last session ground to a halt because the MPA’a protested vehemently i might add at their being no hajj quota for the parliament. Hajj is off course the time utilized by Muslims to go and absolve their sins in Saudi, with the slate wiped clean they can they focus on sinning and looting again.

The real kick in the face of the people who elected this democratic government is that the assembly is least concerned about the rising prices of edibles, food inflation in July alone has been a whopping 24%. Instead they are off course hurt to hell because PIA fares for hajj have gone up and now they are hell bent on ensuring a free ride to the Saudi desert on expense of the ex chequer. What was it someone said about feeling what hits one own self rather than the nation?

At last report the members of the national assembly as well as the provincial assembly are clamoring for a hajj package.

The people spoke on Feb 18 to get these people into power, I do not think it will be long before they speak again.