A New Chapter

It is not often in this country that an individual who seized power by a coup resigns and leaves his post voluntarily. Even under immense pressure by the impending impeachment the general could have chosen to fight it out and while doing so dragged Pakistan’s name through some more ill needed muck and shame.

That he chose to resign today in a televised address to this nation shows not only bravery, but a staunch dedication to the greater good of this land. The bigger picture as he puts it aptly. I hope that he is given a fair trial if he is indeed now tried by the people for some of the injustices of his rule.

When people speak of Zia’s rule for 11 years i cannot comment fully because my age was not of the commenting kind during the 80’s. However I can assure anyone that the last 8 years barring his last 6 months or so in power Musharraf right or wrong, dictator or saviour took this nation forward quite a few notches in the battlefield that is the world today.

So with a sadness in my heart i bid our General goodbye. The oncoming time will surely tell us how true his words and deeds were as democracy takes over the reins of power completely in Pakistan.

My only advice to our democratic rulers is the mantra that the general ended his reign on “Pakistan First” please!