“I am also human” – President Pervaiz Musharraf

The phone beeps – *Mushy’s being impeached..go put on geo..NOW*…

Frantic flicking through channels, not knowing what to expect, and there sits Musharraf giving his last address. And after a while of listening to how,In the calmest possible tone, he points out, sector by sector, things have improved… how in each area, we drastically rose above the challenges we face as a nation, became secure – suddenly, out of no where, it comes..

“I RESIGN from my post as president”.

We sit in SHOCKED silence… This can’t be happening. The one thing that was the best thing to happen to this country is gone… Loud bangs fill the air outside the window..Gunshots signal celebrations. People dance, rejoice – have they any idea how short lived their celebrations will be?

Our very own Faisal Kapadia was quoted on CNN (read here) as having said:

**”Faisal Kapadia, a commodities trader in Karachi who runs a blog about Pakistan called Deadpan Thoughts, said Musharraf’s decision would get a mixed reaction from the country’s citizens.

“Leading Pakistan is not an easy task, and anyone doing it comes under a lot of criticism,” he said.

“In the start, most Pakistanis were for him. And he still has some supporters — especially because the new government, which promised to do things differently, has failed to do much in the past 100 days in power.”**

Musharraf says he is only human, and can only take so much. He trusts that the party who comes after him will responsibly fulfill their duty…

The video of his resignation is one of sadness, and a notch of defeat. One even sees a glimmer of tears as he, in all dignified presence, bids his country farewell.

Facebook is instantly filled with updated stats.. some of which are:

  • whats next?!
  • — he resigned.
  • bye bye Mush bye bye Pakistan :'(.
  • R gives a group hug to all Pakistanis who are concerned. Love to you! We need to stay together against the hyenas we now have for ‘leaders!’ *Hug!*.
  • 18th August the day Pakistan committed suicide.
  • this is the end of an era..is it all downhill from here?
  • The robberz r baq in govt! God save us all!
  • woah!!
  • sad and disgusted..bastard media, bastard politicians, stupid and ignorant people.
  • Sad about Musharraf’s Resign :(.
  • We want Musharraf back.
  • depressed due to the current scenario in Pakistan!!
  • depressed that musharraf has resigned!!
  • reallly really really sad about Musharrafz resignation ! God Help Pakistan now ! :((.
  • i guess its all irrelevant now….the last candle of hope has burnt out and the nation is on a downslide from this moment…lord help us!
  • bye bye mushy!!!
  • its over.. 9 yrs ..
  • sad on mushis resignation… ab is mulk ka kia ho ga:(.
  • A Hero Departs. Musharraf Zindabad.
  • R is listening to Musharraf talk in the past tense for a change.

The youth is torn in two – people come together in a time of crisis – but at the end of the day, it seems to be a matter of perspective. Messages of celebration flood my inbox, and others of sadness, and support in the face of tragedy. Sherry Rehman had the nerve to say it was all because of BENAZIR BHUTTO’S efforts that Musharraf was gone!!! What, did the woman stick a hand out of her GRAVE?!!!!

Ironically, celebrations seem abundant – though this is one of the SADDEST days in Pakistans History. The Ruppee has strengthened by 1.20, the stock exchange went up 461 points, and amidst the resignation buzz, Nawaz Sharif called a meeting – even Bilawal Bhutto has arrived.

To be forced to walk away, after 47 years of dedicating ones life to a country, and its people. To single handedly reconstruct a nation and bring it to stability – to do all that almost everyother person in power has failed to do… is the saddest fate. Every set of eyes glued to every TV set around the world must be damp… We’re at the fate of the merciless people who have broken us before- and now we dont even have musharraf to stop them from doing it again.

The news caster speaks at lightening speed, over and over he says, in the next 72 hours we will see the true nature of the lawyers people fought to release. We have 30 days to elect a new president. Another figurehead? another puppet operating on the whims and fancies of those out to fill their pockets?!!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

To one of the greatest leaders who ever was :Musharraf Zindabad!


  1. Good summary, Batster – helps me to understand what’s going on in your country and my thoughts are with you all.

    It is so noteworthy a story over here that the client I am working with today commented instantly it came up on RSS – and we only normally talk about cricket!

  2. Alas – we are really lost without him. Yellow journalism & celevr politcians have won. Lot of Anchors made money and lot of politicians have spent it ….. and now its time for them to recover it ….

    Musharaf was the last hope

  3. Here we go again…
    Not good for Pakistan. The current leaders of the “democratic” government have been stealing from the people of Pakistan for a whole generation (there were others in the previous generation that did the same), and now the field is clear again for them to do what they are in politics for: steal, steal and steal, with total immunity from law. Pakistani politics is a big business, the mostly under educated population follows the big promise making and cliche’ speaking leaders like sheep to the slaughter house. Those who know better are too busy earning an honest living to have the time to do anything about it, ironically, those are the only ones paying their full share of taxes too. After Musharaf, expect in-fighting in the new coalition that only came into being beacause of a comon opposition. It is sad, but here comes turmoil, corruption, arrests and assasinations. Mr. Jinnah, what have you created? Sigh…

  4. hmm…I would say he left in good time….he will be remembered in more good books than bad thats for sure…

    confused times ahead…but one can surely ask…when were they ever simple?

  5. 🙁
    tis true..
    .they werent ever simple
    but we werent ever left in such lecherous hands

  6. Mr. Musharaf, if you happen upon this blog, please know that we stand with you. Thank you for your leadership, for showing the direction that our country could and should be going in. You did the best you could with what you had to work with. You said in your statement “I’m also human”, Mr. Musharaf, among our current leaders, you are the only one who can honestly claim that. God bless, and congratulations on a job well done.

  7. May God save the Pakistan. Musharaf was the last man standing against all the evildoers. I can’t believe that Pakistanis can’t realize that they are celebrating for Pakistan downfall. He took over the control when Pakistan was almost in bankruptcy. In his tenure, Pakistan had the highest reserve….. let see how long it would take new govt. to wipe out all the reserve. If I have to pick one thing that he did wrong was removing all the cases against the muggers and let them come back to Pak… I think he should resigned because of that… it was the biggest mistake he made.

  8. Musharaf was by far the best thing which happened to this country and its really sad, to see him go. We should all gear up as these looters are all ready to loot our state wealth!! Mr Faisal this is the first time I’ve come across your blog, i have never felt so upset in my life regarding Pakistan, we all must join our hands and put our opinion in the media as well who is trying their level best to tarnish the image of our President! I applaud your efforts:)
    On the other hand, Bilawal Bhutto who is considered as a next in line, why dont people realise that kid does not feel passionately about our country he lacks the passion he is a naive kid who is being manipulated by his cunning father!
    We all must make an effort of bringing Pakistan out of this turmoil!
    Also we must support Mushy at all steps he is the best leader we have and will alwyas be:)
    God Bless Pakistan!

  9. Thank you all for your comments and support. We must all continue to do whatever we can with the legacy he has left Pakistan. Hopefully his efforts will not go to waste just yet.

  10. Every body who is celebrating Musharaf’s departure doesnt really know what bad did he do for the country…They are all uneducated people who have heard things and they believe in it…..but they do not know the ground reality or facts….
    I hope this time doesnt come…But people are going to say
    “Woh time acha tha jab Musharaf hota tha”…
    May Allah Protect Pakistan from UnEducated and Corrupt Politicians.

  11. Thats true the problem we’re facing that majority of the people are uneducated who do not understand the crux of the problem the other half a bought and just tend to create problems.. The other day my driver told me that people in his area get 5000-10,000 people for gathering people and holding rallies! Someone should bring this fact in the limelight.
    One should also revolt against the media, they are painting him as a bad leader, where were they when BB took trillions from our states wealth, why aren’t they saying against Zardari who was know as Mr. 10% the perfect name i can come up for him is Zoldemort!
    Anyhow we must continue with our efforts and just hope our country comes out of this political turmoil!
    God Bless Pakistan.

  12. Batool,

    ///Sherry Rehman had the nerve to say it was all because of BENAZIR BHUTTO’S efforts that Musharraf was gone!!! What, did the woman stick a hand out of her GRAVE?!!!!////

    every time when Pakistani men would try and link her up with either Zardari or Rehman Malik, I would defend her because I thought that being a woman in politics is not easy and i have always respected her as a journalist but giving the credit for Mush’s resignation to BB is pushing it. Sherry bibi, you too have lost it.

    As for Mush’s resignation, I think it was a smart move. People have short term memory here and will be mourning the good old days under mush in six months time. I guarantee you that.

    I think his speech was quite dignified, he did not call names. He very clearly listed things to his credit and resigned. Two of my colleagues were crying when he said it.

  13. forget 6 months, they’ll be mourning from today
    given the bomb blast in dera ismail khan- in the EMERGENCY ROOM of a hospital!!!!!!

  14. oh man and we see how Zolemort has started manipulating people ahah so much for the free democracy! it would be hilarious to see their Government fall im sure Mushy will have a good laugh!

  15. I think Mushy is not laughing … he is a true soldier. He must be going crazy to see people are dying for no reason and looters have open doors now. I do understand that most of the Pakistanis are uneducated but they are not blind. They could have seen what our beloved corrupted blood sucker politicians did in past. Pakistan neighbor countries are happy now that he is not there anymore. As per Afghan President, it will have a positive impact on WOT… are you kidding me??? As Mushy said, “Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz”. It ‘s time to wake up before it’s too late. I sent emails to Geo and ARY but no response. They are all hypocrites. If judges could make the changes in Pakistan, students could do better than that.

  16. Geo and Ary news are bought off by these politicians.. also dawn news they have a brilliant team working for them but no one speaks for the Mushy which is sad!

  17. Musharraf was prolly the best leader Pakistan had after Jinnah. You shall always be remembered Musharraf for you are a true soldier of Pakistan. A Patriot.

    The new “democratically elected goverment” has already started blocking pakistani portals which voice against Zaradri and Sharif. And Gilani said on the 18th in the parliament that they forgive Musharraf for the jail terms they have served fighting for the freedom of press. *cough* *cough* And GEO can’t have enough of our new Pharosh Bilawal’s comments on Musharrafs resignations. For crying out loud, he’s a kid being fed words. Even Prince William and Harry don’t get this kind of coverage on TV. But Bilawal, hes a demi god. I feel sorry for the kid. Such immature journalism, GEO. Shame on you.

    And will someone please tell me which commandment is it written in that Democrazy is the only form of government that should exist? And how did tryig your level best to keep the grubby hands of goons away from your motherland become dictatorship? For 9 years youfight to keep them away and then all of a sudden your the villain? This is batman all over again. Pakistanis should be ashamed of themselves.

    It’l be fun to watch Zardari and Sharif bicker amongst themselves now. This govt won’t prolly last till setp/oct. Hopefully, this time, the people of pakistan will come out on the streets for a real revolution. And not burn tyres and destroy property of their brothers.

    If an “elected” president resigned in these circumstances we’d have hell on the streets. Musharrafs resignation went so peacefully. Speaks for itself.

    So bitter. So disgusted.

  18. im just thinkign aloud -…

    75% of our population is ILLITERATE
    5% are actually educated (substandard ofcourse)
    and 20% know how to sign their names.

    In what sense of the word are we READY for democracy??
    its like we’re a nation whos been raised on spicy chillies- they burn and lacerate us inside and give us ulcers – but its the only form of government we know

    and then when we;re given something substantial, like chicken, aka musharraf, aka wholesome, and sound – we dont know how to handle it. We like it, but we get unsure, and then we discard it – and go back to the chillies

    we are USED To being ABUSED as a nation.
    We dont know how to handle a good thing when it happens, because we’ve never dealt with good things before. So we run. and go back to whats familiar.
    what fools we are

  19. I hired a Rickshaw yesterday.

    While talking, the pathan driver complained about his problems, saying that the last five months had been too hard on him. One of his daughters and an infant of three days had died. His kids didn’t have anything to eat and he had slept hungry the previous night.

    He complained that the coalition government had done nothing since it’s formation and also said that in Musharraf’s tenure, they at least had something to eat!

    His only complains about Mush’s era were that “Islam ka koi khayal nahin” and “Gharib ki madad nahin”, which I answered in ten minutes and he was satisfied.

    His eyes were wet but he refrained from crying. He also had cataract problems in both eyes.

  20. Wow! where were u all when news channels and newspapers said that everyone is against mr.musharraf. I really am ashamed to call myself a pakistani for they are a big ungrateful nation! It has been said that the leaders of the country come from the nation. What does this tell us? It means we are also like zardari n we deserve people like him but not me! Everyone should have no doubts about what am going to say now “ANY SOLDIER OF PAK ARMY CANNOT BE CALLED UNPATRIOTIC OR THAT HE IS DOING HARM TO OUR COUNTRY. IT IS DUE TO THEM THAT THERE IS STILL A LITTLE HOPE” PERVEZ MUSHARRAF ZINDABAD! GEO TV AND ALL THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS MURDABAD.

  21. Faisal love your post so few people realize how Musharraf was the man for Pakistan and even if they do they are afraid to admit it ! but love how you are not afraid to show that you are Musharraf Supporter ! Musharraf Zindadbad !

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