Asia Cup begins!!!

They arrived at Karachi airport last night, with the famous blue shirts and the tri colors of the Indian Flag, to a rousing welcome by fans weary and thirsty for some semblance of cricket in this country, to start off the Asia Cup 2008 which promises to be an exciting event.

True that many columnists and sportswriters are discounting this tournament as the wrong thing at the wrong time. Perhaps due to the oppressive heat of this country in the months of June-July. However every fan worth his salt knows that any team from the sub continent does not give a shake about heat, they are born in it, they live in it and they will continue to play in it for as long as they love cricket.

The Asia cup consists of 3 major teams, Pakistan, India & Srilanka. With Pakistan having the home advantage and India the historical one in this tournament. The last Asia Cup was won in a thrilling final by Sri lanka against India, and with Bangladesh, U.A.E and Hong Kong thrown in the mix to prove their mettle this cup should be one humdinger par excellence.

The main reason for my being this chuffed is that 14 out of the 19 matches of this tourney will be played in Karachi. Yes sir, right here in the National Stadium which has been host to large scale mass weddings more than cricket recently. What could be more exciting for a cricket fan then India and Pakistan having it out in his own backyard, ahhh the thrills and the chills are enough to lose sleep over, not even taking into consideration the actual live action!

So for the next 2 weeks I predict a dusty ghost town like atmosphere for this metropolis, cricket in its most fiery form is going to be served ala mode along with the local chai and abuses hurled at non performing players by fans and pundits alike.

Fasten your seat belts people of  Karachi, forget the impending monsoon, the battle is about to commence!!!!