The Deadliest LOC

Used to be a time when the most tense and deadly line of control in the world was one between India and Pakistan. During the 90’s right to the start of the 20th century the world watched with bated breath as saber rattling of the highest degree was often seen on this boundary between the two countries forces. War was imminent at any time and for any reason. With nuclear detterants being brought into play however this threat has thankfully waned.

These days though the odds have been upped and the worst possible front or scenario shifted to somewhere right off land. I speak of the Strait Of Hormuz where the Iranian and the U.S navies now stand nose to nose, ready to fight at the slightest provocation. This narrow shipping corridor is the conduit through which 30% of the worlds oil supply passes daily. It is the exit point for crude oil shipments from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain and others.

Suffice to say any barrier to these shipments in the event of war between the Iran and the Us will not just prove heavy in casualties for the parties concerned (the strait is in some areas just 6 miles wide), but the blockage of this precious life source for our industrialized word will lead to a global economic meltdown of unbelievable scale.

It is perhaps for this purpose that the U.S has still not engaged Iran in a war other than words. True that America has enough firepower to wipe out Iran within days, but Iranian suicide squads within speed boats in this region with millions of barrels of crude oil floating around? You couldn’t paint a more volatile scenario even in a Hollywood flick. Even if they are able to sink a couple of super tankers to block this path, we would have the world on its knees within weeks.

America has just sent another naval arsenal to this specific area last week. True that it protects oil shipments to the world, but what is it aiming to do here? This will be a war which might make the World War look like a joke people. Let us hope it never happens in our lifetimes!!