Jaipur Blasts


The Indian city of Jaipur was just rocked by 7 bomb blasts all within minutes of each other at 7 different tourist spots. Obviously these blasts were planned and executed to perfection as both the timings and the locations ensured that massive collateral damage could take place. Right now the tensions among the Hindus and the Muslims who are primarily being blamed for these blasts are running high. This is exactly what the terrorists who planned this want.

I hope the Indian government can ensure that thousands of innocents do not pay for the fault of a few evil men in this lovely city. I think all of us around the world must now realize that we are battling a common foe that does not support any religion or race, it is just hell bent on causing destruction to all of us by any means necessary. Nothing can ever be achieved with carnage. These terrorists keep striking at the bonds of trust we have in each other as humans. We must never let this trust fail, or the result will be our annihilation as a species. I hope and pray for those injured or dead in these vicious attacks. Eternal peace for the dead and courage for those left behind.

Credit for the video: Youtube