The Bookies Strike Again?

Younis Khan has withdrawn himself from the rest of the Pak vs BD series under serious circumstances.

Apparently him, Danish Kaneria and Umar Gul were questioned over their alleged relationship with a shady Indian character known as “Annu bhai”

Younis was fuming when he was not advised in advance of an ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit official’s questioning him on camera about some expensive gifts the three players had received from Annu Bhai while on their last tour to India.

“He had gone into the meeting thinking it was something to do with development programmes of the ICC as this was the impression given by some of the board officials to him” Source in PCB

Yet another chapter written in the shady underworld of Bookies and Match fixers? or an innocent gift from an admirer

The Indian is said to be on the suspect list of the ACSU as a leading bookmaker but Younis had reportedly told Peacock(ACSU Official) he had come to know of him through a third party and that the Indian had neither sought any information about any matches nor made any approaches to him or the other players.

Shoaib Akhter has also recently disclosed how he was offered a brief case full of money to under perform in India and in S.A. It is “rumored” the offers were made by Inzi although there is no proof of this.

The official line states that Younis Khan is being rested. Rested my ass!

I wonder what the Indian and ICC authorities are doing about the fact that 90% of all shady match fixing deals are either made in India or gain origins there?