When we were having elections in this country, the mood was tense but upbeat. Everyone was watching Pakistan and its politics to see what leadership would emerge from the great ashes of one man rule or as we frequently refer to as “dictatorship” I am sure the truth is quite stark and shining in front of all now.

I often have arguments with my friends because i insist that democracy in the very western form of the word is not applicable in Pakistan. Its not that i do not want the average person here to have any rights or a good living standard. But for that we need to have leaders who would listen and actually engage in some work to solve the various crises at hand in Pakistan.

The people who have won the last elections have till now made absolutely “0 concrete steps” towards true democracy. In fact if one would have to analyze the current governments modus operandi it is not more than a dealocracy.

The evidence of this lies in the fact that they are trying to solve all problems in Pakistan by striking deals with the parties involved on both sides of the issue, for instance:

a) Problem in FATA

Too many suicide bombings? make a deal with tribal elders let go of a few “known and convicted” terrorists and lo and behold no more bombings. Well at least until “the very people you let go get organized again”!!!

b) Restoration Of Judiciary (supposed deal)

First release the judges in house arrest, which was unlawful in the first place then delay tactics while negotiations are held with president house to find a solution for restoration and quick dismissal ala pulling back suddenly on their end of term dates. Effectively restore in may dismiss in june.

c) Water & Power

Side line the real issue, route electricity from other parts of the country to major cities to silence the critics. Route electricity from industrial to urban areas inner city to make sure all residences have uninterrupted power thus no one on the roads demanding power.

d) Mafia problems in Karachi?

Have meetings with mafia leaders and try to make deals with them, offering them pardons as well as seats in city government to make sure they remain at peace in exchange for them cleaning their current respective “no go areas”

Are our noble leaders imagining that we Pakistanis have brains made of rot? or are they assuming that they can pull the world over all our collective media savvy digitized eyes? HINT: WE DO NOT BELIEVE THE JOURNOS WHO GET ENVELOPES TO WRITE ODES IN THY NAME.

This Dealocracy will not last the year i think, cue effigy burning and mob riots for food, water, power and law. i suggest those in the white halls of power who come visit us to suggest in our government forming to have booked tickets in advance for the next “Big Changeover”