U.S Election 08, Hope for change!




Hmmm Obama is the sort of politician that i would definitely give a few 100 Nawaz Sharif’s for!!

Obama’s election campaign deals with change in his country, change in small minded neo con politics they have been dealing with in the last 8 years of the Bush regime. Some of his key goals are to get out of Iraq, have a summit with all Muslim nations and work for good governance. His becoming president will also see an end to the “old boys network” thank god!

Whether we adhere to the republican or the democratic side, i think all of us have to agree that Presidents Bush’s war mongering has lead the world to a brink of anarchy and chaos. Another republican neo hawk in that oval office and we could be witnessing the beginning of a global crises from which we might not even emerge.

It may be easy for us to sit back here and say, why bother with their elections. Well they have us as a front line ally state and change in governance is going to lead to a change in their policies towards us. So yes we should bother, we should watch and we should know what is coming. The above video just serves to illustrate how featured we are in their foreign policy.

I pray it is Obama as he seems to be more for world peace than the rest. His spirit and confidence is truly admirable. Go Obama!!

P.S : No i am not in awe of him because of his “Muslim” childhood, the guy clearly speaks from his heart and that is what every nation needs as their leadership, someone who really gives a shit!