To Go or Not to Go… that is the question

Right now our great leader is pondering what the hell just happened on Feb 18th, yes he was all for free and fair elections but not bloody this!

Right now Chaudery Shujahat has no clue what he has said in his post election speech.

Right now the winners of our elections are plotting to make a government with the least number of deals possible.

Right now the great general just wants to go where Shortcut went and not return. Take that you baldie who dares demand his resignation.

Right now Pervaiz Elahi has been outfoxed by what he believes is destiny while it is really his karma.

Right now the people are wondering what the hell are they going to do with this democracy they have achieved.

Right now the government is thinking of releasing the Ex Chief Justice, really? you think?

Right now the atmosphere in Pakistan is still calm, surprisingly.

Right now Fazlul Rehman has bought two one way tickets to mecca.

Right now we are harping about victory and the peoples revenge while we should be making government and going into reconstruction.

Right now several crises loom for the honeymooners, enough to drive them mad in the first six months.

Right now at least one TV channel has flashed the truth across its screen, it says “Infotainment”

Right now we have crossed another watershed in our nations history, i hope the next puddle is shallower.