Pandemic Flu!!!


Is 2008 going to be the worst year in Pakistan’s history?

We had the riots and suicide bombings in Jan and now Feb has brought us the angel of death wearing a new guise, going “cluck” “cluck”

A State of emergency has been declared, by the health authorities as H5N1 has been confirmed to be found in the chicken farms of the Karachi area. Specifically Gaddap and Hub. These poultry farms have been sealed off and the birds are being culled, isolation areas have been established in all hospitals and as per last reports 3 patients have been admitted to the civil hospital with Bird Flu in Karachi. What else is gonna happen? Biblical Flooding?

Info On Avian/Bird Flu and symptoms

Oh and, there is no need to panic. Cuz this is Pakistan, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Pictures from Geo and AAJ Tv