2 Days left to elections now!!! Where have i been you ask??? well i got the urge to suddenly jettison myself from this digital life and go work on something i have been meaning to for ages. I started a novelette. What is that you would ask? well its a book, but in an abridged form. A normal book is around 70,000 words. A Novelette is around 15000, why write one? why write anything at all i say. Its half done, but thats not what pulled me back again. I am here to announce that there is hope, yes yes i know 2 days left and there shall be chaos to come.

The reason i present for my hope for better things is one  “Divine Justice”

One may not be religious but one cannot disallow this notion now can they? After all there is some moral/higher authority somewhere up there, some cosmic karma which comes full circle for people whom no law can touch in this life. For instance our government, poor sods that they are claiming all over the world how clean and transparent their elections will be, while the Attorney general is confirming massive rigging to come on phones, that too while being recorded. Hah!! i say ” try to put that under house arrest now!!” Thing is in our land people as mentioned umpteen times by me before do not know how to have a private conversation. This is exactly what has happened. While putting a media person on hold, the attorney general is confirming large scale scandal on the other line. This is what divine justice is..and it is far sweeter when on tape.

Have a read and keep a glass of water nearby (for when u choke with laughter)