Positive Steps

The 10th of Muharram draws to a close without thankfully any incident of violence or terrorism. The mood is somber and peaceful here in Karachi as the agencies which protect us have finally stepped up and arrested some people day before last. These suspects had large amounts of arms as well as cyanide to add to our already “super pure” water supply. To our security agencies I say well done! To my countrymen i advice, vigilance. Report any sort of suspicious activity. They are among us, and we must all do our part for our nations safety!

The flour crises is also under control thanks again to the Rangers who have assured flour supply working along with the government in all parts of the land. However they must not stop here, but bring to the forefront those plunderers of our national psyche responsible for hoarding and creating this crises.

As the elections draw closer several meetings are taking place at high levels, attempts at reconciliation are being made. All of these are very positive steps and should be increased so that we stand united as a people against the real threat, which really isn’t of poor Bilawal partying too hard at Oxford. It is of the militant ones who want to destroy and destabilize our country. We must put aside all our differences and stand united against their efforts at dismantling our nation.

There are also lots of people packing their bags in the case of any “unforeseen eventuality” Meaning the people who have enough resources to move out if it all hits the fan. As rumors fly thick and fast the people naturally panic and start to think of a “Plan B”. Nothing wrong with that at all. However we should all realize and understand that without this country having a positive future, we can fly the coop but wherever we go it will be without an identity. That is a future which at least i cannot imagine for my kids.