Peace is not an option!!

In the last week we have seen our security agencies, police as well as the armed forces involved in a full out frontal assault on the militants that scour our lands. They have not only taken back control of the beautiful Swat area, previously over run by zealots but have made some key arrests of terrorists and would be bombers in Karachi and around the frontier area.

Lo and behold, today’s newspapers carried a peace making initiative by our old chum Mr Mehsud, who according to his spokesman… is this some kind of weird militant trend? why do all these weirdos have spokesmen? Anyways he has informed the Pakistan government that he is ready to discuss peace through a tribal jirga, on condition that the operations against him and his men in Swat are stopped.

Chal bay!!! is what i think the governments answer should be in this regard. Now that we have him on the run and down, we are supposed to discuss peace? where was the bloody peace when his people were blowing up innocent men, women and children in the name of a religion which is supposed to represent only peace. Have we forgotten the events of the last 6 months or so??? Are we to believe that these people will uphold a truce? a truce of what i say, to gain more time to get themselves reorganized hah!

I think the government should request his presence at a jirga with his top commanders and the blow the bloody lot to smithereens!! This is not some kind of a cat and mouse game he has been playing with us, he has caused tremendous moral, financial and human collateral damage to our country. If we cannot lure him out then he should be hunted and brought to justice..Saudi style.. in a open public space so that no one dares to put on a guise and ever threaten the sanctity of this country again, EVER!

We do not want your peace Mr Mehsud it is too late for your peace, why do you not fight and die like the countless others you have brainwashed to their deaths?