Benazir Murdered

In what can only be described as a horrible turn of events, Benazir Bhutto chairperson of the Pakistan Peoples Party has been murdered by a suicide attack on her vehicle as she was exiting her last rally in Rawalpindi. Right now the streets of Karachi are scenes of chaos.. with people running helter skelter to find any modes of transport available to get home safely. Those with cars are ignoring all traffic rules and as i just made it home, there have been several accidents on the way that i witnessed. Armed youth fired in the air as they forced people to close down shops on main Tariq Road, and there was a mass exodus of families running for cover. There are wide spread reports of arson and riots in the Lyari & Sohrab Ghot areas of Karachi and both the national highway and the super highway has been sealed off by armed youth burning tires. People are stuck for the last hour on main Shahra E Faisal as their are massive traffic jams there. I do not think there is any hope of the election’s continuing as the President is now in an emergency session with his advisor’s.

A few moments ago the President has announced that the impending elections on Jan 8th have been now suspended, the new date for elections will be announced later.

I would advise everyone to stay indoors and stay calm wherever they are in Pakistan. Please remember trying to flee home amongst this chaos can be dangerous.