Book review – Sands of time

By Rabab Khan

“I can hear the waves tell me tales, this is just one of them.”

This is Mr. Faisal Kapadia’s preface to a book that kept me up reading until five in the morning. “Sands of Time” is a love story. There is no other way to describe it; a love story so steeped in the chaos, murder and debauchery surrounding it that the love itself sometimes seems dark. Having introduced the Sea as, perhaps, the most important character in his story, Mr. Kapadia goes on to weave a tale that not only raises many questions but also leaves the reader with a lot more raging in his mind.

The story is set beside the shores of the sea near the city ofKarachiinPakistan. It begins on the shores of the sea, runs through the lives of the protagonist, Saleh, his goddess of love, Laila, and flows right back to the shores of the same sea in an eternal cycle of suffering and love regained. Just like the sand in an hourglass, we watch with breathless anticipation as their lives take them further and further from each other.

Sands of Time is the tale of a poor, unwanted fisherman’s son. From the time when his ten year old eyes first see Laila, to the end of the story, Saleh is a quiet unassuming person. Sending the young boy to be employed in the city was perhaps the only kindness that his wretched father did for him. His travails during his slavery to the lord present an apt picture of the live style of the rich “Wadera” in any typicalKarachigrand mansion. It may feel to many of you, as if the author has exaggerated in his portrayal of the lives of these “rulers” of the poor people, but he has not. What he has presented is as close to reality as he could have been without breaking the veil of fiction. Laila’s life and that of her friends represents that of any typical teenage living a life of double values in the great city ofKarachi. Many of you may, if you are honest, perhaps even recognize yourself or your friends in Laila, Sumbreen and Zarrar.

While the story focuses on the lives of the two main characters – Saleh and Laila – the author has presented us with a brilliant and clear picture of the society they live in. The immorality and hypocrisy that has become our daily mask; the insecurity and fear that is part and parcel of every single moment in the life of a Pakistani. Sometimes, the language is dark; the images harsh and grating. I believe it could not have been any other way for these images and words assist in embedding the truth in the reader’s mind. A truth that may be difficult to digest, but it is as present and tangible as Laila is for Saleh.

Sands of Time is a rendition of the poetry that flows through the lives of all those who are caught up in the double-faced, hypocritical and cruel society that we all live in here in the Land of the Pure. What Mr. Kapadia has achieved here is a compelling story with not a moment of peace, perpetually fed by the passion and restlessness of its main characters.

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Book review – Sands of time

By Nausheen Manji

Faisal Kapadia’s book, The Sands of Time, is a story which captures the essence of the polarized city of Karachi with the tainted morals of its people in an age wrought with political instability and debauchery. In the midst of all this sprouts a love, not based on romance, wealth or affection, but mutual caring, respect and passion – a human feeling for one who is eventually a caretaker, the secret desire of most women.

Kapadia’s style is casual, at times humorous and whether it was deliberate or not, there is an element of fatalism underlining the novella. The historical and social contexts are evidently reflective of the political upheaval faced by the current Pakistani society and the protagonist reminiscent of the famous “dakaits” of Lyari. The imagery most stark and closest to reality are the reaction of the father at the beginning of the novella towards the young protagonist, the crabs, and the animalistic act of passion at the end.

The setting of the book is dual natured focusing on the seaside fishermen’s community which represents the lower social strata of society and the rich upper middle-class society of Clifton and Defence. The themes are evidently centering on passion, betrayal, social conflict, class conflict, violence and patriarchy. The book is very readable and a size ideal for a short airline flight or good entertainment when turning in at night. I would definitely buy more from this author.

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Book review – Sands of time

By – Zohaib muzaffar


The Sand of times, a short story by Faisal Kapadia, a blogger and a social media activist.

Although I am not an avid reader of fiction but this short story had all the ingredients to cast an impression on your mind of all the characters of this novella.

First astounding thing about the book is its dedication, in recent times I have not come across a more realistic and inspiring dedication of a book.

Set in the back of drop of a huge metropolis called Karachi the short story runs between two extremes, of society. One is of impoverished households of fisher’s family near the sea and the other is that of an affluent and influential sahib form the elite. The maintain character saleh, is both interesting and intriguing and manifests all the paradoxes of the society which inhabits the author as well. Saleh’s meteoric rise to power as henchmen for a Sahib and the abuses he suffered in his childhood shaped his dreams and plans for the future. He has been shown as some one who is kind hearted but don’t relent to do the necessary evil to achieve what he wants.

Another interesting part is the author observations of the mundane life of the elite of the society, that how contradictory their ways are. The use of language has been pretty awesome, that not only describes the emotions aptly but the background as well in which different characters are living their lives.

For me the ending was one of the best part of the short story, as it enchants ones to the maximum. I would strongly recommend you to read to grasp a rather different view of what true love is!

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