Iphone 7 – Real Review

So I got my hands on the Iphone 7 128 gb matte black a day after it launched in the U.S, September 17th to be exact and have been testing it since then. It currently has over 1300 plus pictures in it, 65 videos and I have tested in thoroughly on two outdoor fashion shoots as well as my regular 300 plus emails a day and surfing tweeting instagramming life. So I feel the following review is going to be handy for a lot of people.


The Specs


I went for the 7 instead of the 7 plus because of the weight as well as the scroll ability on my screen with one finger. Considering the fact that I was upgrading from a 6S plus the 7 Plus seemed even bigger to me in its form factor and thus i opted for the smaller device which I am very pleased to report was the right decision for me for its mobility and fitting in my damn pocket easily.


Both displays on the Iphone 7 and 7 plus are retina displays which support extremely high resolution pictures as well as video. I can safely say having rendered some videos and edited in my 7 that this is by far the best display I have seen on an Iphone till now. The force touch feedback has also gotten a lot better and now the apps that seemed to get fuzzy and hung when you pressed down respond a lot smoother and quicker!

The A 10 chip

Every year the biggest improvement in an Iphone seems to be its heart which keeps getting faster and faster. Obviously other phone manufacturers like samsung and the recent one plus three are also building very fast smartphones but there was a bit of a lag on my 6s plus when opening and closing the camera with multiple windows open which has completely disappeared with this upgraded chip. Also the added 64 gb meaning the new phone being 128 GB while my 6s  plus was 64 seems to have no difference at all in indexing. Infact the phone is laden with features which are cpu intensive like indexing pictures according to face recognition in photo albums and the consistent UI/UX of the new IOS asking about things intuitively as in adding people to contact lists from new emails and stuff.


The camera is an amazing upgrade from the last iPhone as well. Its 12 mpixel and takes incredibly sharp pics. One of my biggest peeves with the last Iphone was its pixelation under low light conditions but I am happy to report that that is almost non existent in the new Iphone. The only problem which still remains is obviously the one almost all smartphones have that is the digital zoom when it is being used from a distance which can lead to smoothing over or slight blurring of features. That being say the 7 plus does have 2 x optical zoom as well and dual cameras so the jury is still out on that one. For me however the 7 has a camera which is quite spectacular. Below is an example of what you can do if you put it non HDR non live mode. Also it takes pics in RAW format and you can finetune shit on it like on a dslr. Yes its still not a dslr…so dont throw that NIKON 750 away just yet.. but man can it take amazing pics!!


The Pros

  • Faster phone ( 2 x at least)
  • Spectacular camera (4 mpixel more better in low light remarkable colours)
  • Force touch is much faster and responsive no sluggishness
  • IOS 10 is more intuitive in organising things whether its detecting faces and storing pics by them or asking you to add contacts or sorting out important reminders for you
  • Form factor is now water proof they say for upto an hour ( not tested yet)
  • No sluggishness with A 10 chip and 128 gb memory with 1300 plus pics and 50 plus videos in storage which is remarkable for any phone
  • Resolution is even better then Iphone 6 S plus which is the last iphone im comparing to.
  • Has smart features like videos popping to side or smaller window inside window as well.
  • Multitasking has become much less klutzier and better response is sharp apps work seamlessly in background and not just apple apps but all
  • Mapping has become a lot better then last time and works seamlessly with third party apps
  • The sound is amazing, the new stereo speakers are poles above the last iPhone for sure.
  • The battery with the display and my kind of usage ( I run a digital media agency in pakistan) is at least 20% more powerful then the last one. Lets see if it remains so after 400 charge cycles


  • Its a bit of a joke that although the new native email app is far more robust then the Iphone 6 S plus that i am still using the outlook app in my new Iphone 7 because it is just so much better
  • The home button which is now force touch as well and something you cant press down on will have to face the question of durability with extended use. To be fair I have put it through 15 days of use without a single mis press or glitch or lag but still don’t understand why the normal one was replaced.
  • The audio jack – Even though apple has given amazing sound in the new iPhone and the dongle to connect it to the wired headphones that come with it its a bit of a weird thing still for me to plug in the dongle then plug in my headphones on the new phone. I do not understand or like this move.
  • The quality of packing – Yes i know apple phones shouldn’t be judged on their packing but even the headphones plastic case is now gone…replaced by a piece of fibre which they are wrapped around…which is pretty cheap for such an expensive phone
  • Although the new IOS has features which lets you copy and paste things easily as well as share them across multiple platforms on social media what the heck is the 10 picture limit on sending through a messenger still there for with this advanced a chipset and power we need that barrier?
  • The volume buttons on the left seem to be very flush to the body and if not in a case seem to be the kind which could get stuck pretty soon so I am not too satisfied with those either.

In the end apple has always really been about the point of beauty where hardware and software come together seamlessly to provide an experience better then all the other smartphones. So where it may lack in specs it sure makes up for it in experience at par with the other flagships out there.  However if you are not an apple user per se or if this is not a system need for you then I would still prefer the one plus three for half this phones price as a recommendation.

Overall experience 7-10

Apple needs to up its game and soon without doing crazy things like removing the headphone jack…that was a dumb move.